Friday, November 20, 2015

BOMA San Francisco's Nearly Perfect November 2015 Election Results

The BOMA San Francisco Political Action Committee (BOMA-SF-PAC) campaigns for candidates and issues that promote economic vitality and the health of the commercial real estate industry - and against those that would harm it. Click here to view their list of accomplishments.

With regard to the recent November 3rd election – the BOMA SF-PAC slate outcome was nearly perfect! Thank you for voting BOMA, your source for sensible political recommendations that benefit all businesses and residents in San Francisco.

BOMA-SF-PAC relies on contributions for funding. This is truly an investment in your future and the future of our industry. Contact for more information.

Election Summary

BOMA’s Political Action Committee was very involved in the November 3rd election representing the interests of San Francisco’s commercial property owners. With the exception of Supervisor Julie Christensen, who lost her seat as the District 3 supervisor, all of our endorsed candidates won,

Regarding the ballot measures, our The PAC aligned almost 100% with the voters. The only ballot measure that won (and BOMA opposed) was the Legacy Business Preservation Fund (Proposition J). Our BOMA PAC directors did not agree that the city’s taxpayers should subsidize failing businesses simply because they’d been around 20 or more years. BOMA was very supportive of the Affordable Housing Bond (Proposition A), which passed overwhelmingly, and very opposed to the Mission Moratorium (Proposition I).

The members of the BOMA SF-PAC will be very active in 2016 as there will be both a June and a November election. Supporting your BOMA SF-PAC means they can continue to be an important player in the political arena defending the interests of the commercial real estate industry. The 2016 BOMA SF-PAC Chair is Andrew Junius, Esq., (Reuben, Junius & Rose), with Jim Collins (Shorenstein) serving as Vice Chair, and Rick Buziak (Kilroy Realty) as Treasurer.

BOMA San Francisco's Political Action Committee's Slate Card
November 3, 2015 Municipal Election

Candidates Endorsed

Re-Elect Dennis Herrera for San Francisco City Attorney
Re-Elect George Gascon for San Francisco District Attorney
Alex Randolph for City College Board

Julie Christensen for San Francisco District 3 Supervisor - LOST

SUPPORT --- Proposition A - Affordable Housing Bond
SUPPORT --- Proposition C - Expenditure Lobbyists
SUPPORT --- Proposition D - Mission Rock
OPPOSE --- Proposition E - Requirements for Public Meetings
OPPOSE --- Proposition F - Short-Term Residential Rentals
OPPOSE --- Proposition G - Disclosures Regarding Renewable Energy
SUPPORT --- Proposition H - Defining Clean, Green, and Renewable Energy
OPPOSE --- Proposition I - Suspension of Market-Rate Development in the Mission District
SUPPORT --- Proposition K - Surplus Public Lands

NO POSITION --- Proposition B - Paid Parental Leave for City Employees - PASSED
OPPOSE --- Proposition J - Legacy Business Historic Preservation Fund - PASSED

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