Friday, January 29, 2010

UPDATE: San Francisco High Rise Sprinkler Retrofit Ordinance - March 2010 Deadline!

We recently posted information on the blog related to the upcoming deadline for compliance with San Francisco's High Rise Sprinkler Ordinance (HRSO).  Mr. Steve Panelli, Chief Plumbing Inspector for the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection  (SFDBI), kindly addressed the BOMA San Francisco Codes and Regulations Committee about this issue on January 27, 2010.  Mr. Panelli stated that enforcement of this ordinance will become much more strict: Buildings that are not fully sprinkled or do not have a letter on file with the SFDBI stating how and when the owners expect to complete their sprinkler retrofit work will NOT be issued any further building permits for tenant improvements, etc.  The strict enforcement of the city's HRSO will commence March 2010.

If your building is on the list of buildings (see below) which are required to be fully sprinkled, and you haven’t filed a letter of intent to complete the work, your building will be affected by the new HRSO enforcement.   If you have any question or concerns with regard to the HRSO, please contact Steve Panelli at, or call him at (415) 558-6058. 

For a copy of the San Francisco High Rise Sprinkler Retrofit Ordinance, click here. For a copy of the list of buildings required to comply, click here (white indicates that the building does not yet to comply with the HRSO).

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