Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BOMA's New Floor Measurement Methodology - Simplify Lease Calculations

In 1915, BOMA International published the first Standard Method of Floor Measurement for Office Buildings. It has been accepted and approved by the American National Standards Institute. Throughout the years, the standard has been revised to reflect the changing needs of the real estate market and the evolution of office building design.

BOMA International is pleased to introduce the latest version of the office standard. This version signifies a major revision, including a new name Office Buildings: Methods of Measurement and Calculating Rentable Area. The objective of the office standard is to provide a uniform basis for measuring rentable area in both exiting and new office buildings by taking a building-wide approach to floor area measurement. It provides a methodology for measuring both occupant space as well as the space that benefits all occupants.

For more information on BOMA's new floor measurement methodology, please click on the image above to read more about it in the BOMA Magazine (pp.28-29), or to buy the latest version electronically, click here.

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