Friday, December 19, 2014

BOMA San Francisco Addresses Office of the San Francisco Assessor-Recorder Letter Requesting Annual Report of Tenants, Rent Roll, and Leases

BOMA San Francisco Members:

A number of BOMA members have reached out to the association regarding a letter from the San Francisco Assessor-Recorder initially sent in early November that asked for information from BOMA San Francisco members due 21 days after the date of the notice.  Of concern to BOMA was the request in the missive that the roster of tenants in the buildings of BOMA members, a copy of their rent roll as of 1/1/2012, 1/1/2013, and 1/1/2014, and copies of leases or lease abstracts for leases be provided to the Assessors' office. 

Some of this information is difficult to come by and also time consuming for our members to compile. As such, BOMA is appreciative that the Assessor has agreed to these updated terms:
  • Roster of building owners tenants (including contact information): Due by December 31, 2014
  • Rent roll for building owners tenants (years 2012/2013/2014): Due by January 15, 2015
  • Tenant leases
    • The Assessor has requested this information, but if it is not provided there will NOT be penalties applied. 
The Assessor has confirmed that all information provided to the office is confidential and will not be open to public inspection.

Individual property owners may wish to review the applicable provisions of the Revenue and Taxation Code and consult with their respective legal counsel as to the property owner’s duty to make documents available for examination.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

BART Improvements at Powell and Civic Center Stations - Your Feedback is Requested

BART is seeking your input on the future of our escalators and entrances at Powell and Civic Center stations. 

The transit agency is considering changes to make your BART experience more comfortable. The organization knows that signage, escalator performance, and lighting are issues. They are also considering safety, sustainability, usability, appearance, and the overall customer experience at the station entrances.

Please let them know which improvements are important to you by coming by our in-station events or filling out a survey online at

In Station Events

Powell Station
Tuesday, Dec 16, 2014
During commute times:
7-10 a.m. and 4-7 p.m.

Civic Center Station
Thursday, Dec 18, 2014
During commute times:
7-10 a.m. and 4-7 p.m.

BOMA International Advocacy Update - BOMA Scores Win on Leasehold Depreciation and Senate Adjourns without Action on TRIA

BOMA San Francisco Members:

Last night, the U.S. Senate approved a package of tax extenders, including a one-year, retroactive extension of the 15-year depreciation period for tenant improvements, which had previously expired at the end of 2013.  This means that building owners can deduct expenses for tenant improvements made in calendar year 2014 over 15 years instead of 39—a significant victory for commercial real estate!

Unfortunately, the Senate failed to extend the federal terrorism insurance backstop program, known as TRIA, which is set to expire on December 31.  Earlier this year, the Senate passed a seven-year extension with overwhelming bipartisan support. Debate on the issue dragged on in the House, and finally, in the Lame-Duck session, the House passed a different version that would have extended the program for six years; the bill then had to go back to the Senate for a final vote.  Unfortunately, it was not a clean bill and contained other provisions that were objectionable to many in the Senate.  TRIA has been a priority issue for BOMA and our real estate partners, and we will work to ensure that this is on the top of the congressional agenda when the 114th Session convenes on January 6.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Urgent BOMA International Advocacy Update - Tell Your United States Senators to Pass TRIA Today!

BOMA San Francisco Members:

BOMA International needs your help in urging the United States Senate to pass S.2244, the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (TRIA) of 2014, which extends the federal terrorism insurance backstop program for six (6) years. Yesterday, the House did its part, passing S.2244 by a vote of 417-7. Without Senate action, the program will expire at the end of 2014, leaving the commercial real estate industry vulnerable to devastating losses and jeopardizing investment and other opportunities for growth. The commercial real estate market simply cannot afford the uncertainty an expiration of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program would create.

Please take action to urge your U.S. Senators to vote "Yes" on S.2244. Without affordable and available terrorism insurance, commercial real estate financing will be thrown into flux, premium rates will increase dramatically and many commercial properties throughout the country will lose significant value. Contact your Senators today!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Proposed San Francsico Tax Collector Regulations - Notice of Tax Collector Hearing on December 10th

BOMA San Francisco Members:

As you know, BOMA members have been active in representing your interests with regard  to the implementation of San Francisco's Gross Receipts Tax and Business Registration Fees Ordinance.  More information can be found here.  

Please review the proposed San Francisco Tax Collector Regulations, below, and, if these requirements affect your business, attend this upcoming public hearing to discuss your concerns:

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 - 2:00pm
1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl
City Hall Room 408
San Francisco, CA 94102 

Pursuant to authority granted under Section 6.16-1 of the San Francisco Business and Tax Regulations Code BTRC the San Francisco Tax Collector invites the public to comment on the following proposed regulations:

The hearing will be on December 10th, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. in room 408 of City Hall. The proposed regulations are above and available at You may comment at the hearing; written comments may also be submitted at the hearing. You will be able to address the Tax Collector during the public comments period.

Questions?  Please contact: Greg Kato, Gross Receipts Tax Director:

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

BOMA California Advocacy Update - 2014 Legislative Year-End Wrap-Up

BOMA San Francisco Members:

BOMA California is a federation of all eight metropolitan BOMA local associations in California and serves as the collective membership’s legislative and regulatory advocate.  The mission of the Building Owners and Managers Association of California (BOMA California) is to preserve and promote the interests of California commercial real estate professionals through legislative and regulatory advocacy. 

Through our members and staff, BOMA San Francisco is an active participant with BOMA California.  If you have an interest in statewide legislative and regulatory proposals that can impact our industry, please contact and

BOMA California is fortunate to have Matthew Hargrove as our advocate in Sacramento.  Matthew has kindly put together a 2014 Year-End Wrap-Up of BOMA California's efforts.  It's been a good year for the industry in California from a legislative perspective - all thanks to BOMA California!

BOMA San Francisco's Energy & Environment Committee Members Meet with SF Environment Director Deborah Raphael

BOMA San Francisco Members,

BOMA San Francisco's Energy & Environment Committee recently met with the San Francisco Department of Environment Director, Deborah Raphael.  Deborah was recently appointed by Mayor Ed Lee.

As Director of SF Environment, Raphael will work with the City’s diverse residents and businesses to take an active role in protecting and enhancing their homes, businesses, and the urban environment. SF Environment develops innovative policies and practical environmental programs that promote social equity, protect human health, and lead the way toward a sustainable future. 

About Deborah Raphael

Governor Edmund G. Brown appointed Raphael as the Director of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) in May 2011. In her tenure with DTSC, Raphael was responsible for the protection of human health and the environment from the impacts of toxic chemicals and hazardous waste and led a department of over 1,000 employees in 9 offices with a $200 million annual budget. Raphael led the successful programmatic and financial transformation of DTSC and focused on innovation by reviving California’s efforts to protect consumers from toxic chemicals in everyday products through the Safer Consumer Products initiative.

Raphael received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology/Plant Ecology from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master’s degree in Physiological Plant Ecology from the University of California at Los Angeles.

After college, Raphael worked at the Exploratorium in San Francisco for five years, where she was an exhibit designer in life sciences. She joined the City of Santa Monica as an environmental program manager before she joined SF Environment to provide leadership on groundbreaking programs that reduced the use of toxic chemicals and improved green building standards.

Monique Moyer, Executive Director of the Port of San Francisco, Awarded as BOMA's Public Official of the Year

On occasion, when there are deserving candidates, BOMA San Francisco selects someone in government to be recognized as our Public Official of the Year. We’ve presented this award to elected officials, and sometimes we have recognized City Department heads or administrative personnel.  Recommendations for award recipients typically emanate through BOMA’s Governmental Affairs Policy Advisory Committee, or via our Political Action Committee.

L to R: Ken Cleaveland, Monique Moyer and Blake Peterson
This year we have chosen to recognize, as BOMA’s 2014 Public Official of the Year, the Executive Director of the Port of San Francisco, Monique Moyer. With this award, we acknowledge Monique for her strong support of the public/private partnerships she has used to enhance and improve the city’s Port property. In her 10 years of leadership as the Port’s Executive Director, Monique Moyer has overseen major projects like the Giants ball park, the rehabilitation of the Ferry Building, the opening of the new, world-class cruise ship terminal, and the rebirth of the Exploratorium on the waterfront.

Blake Peterson, BOMA San Francisco's 2015 President, and Marc Intermaggio, BOMA San Francisco's Executive Vice President presented the Public Official of the Year award to Monique - well deserved!

About Monique Moyer

Appointed by former Mayor Gavin Newsom in 2004, Monique serves at the pleasure of current Mayor Edwin Lee and a 5-member Port Commission. Ms. Moyer is the second woman to serve as Executive Director in the Port’s 151-year history and one of only 3 female port directors nationwide (out of 85). Ms. Moyer is the longest-serving Port Director since the Port transferred to the City & County of San Francisco in 1969.

The Port of San Francisco is a self-revenue generating agency of the City & County of San Francisco and manages a broad range of commercial, maritime and public-access facilities along the city’s waterfront. The Port of San Francisco is 7½ miles and is home to a fishing fleet, cruise ships, Fisherman’s Wharf, the SF Giants’ ballpark and many other entrepreneurial entities and water spots. Ms. Moyer manages a staff of 235 and a budget of $70 million.

Monday, December 1, 2014

San Francisco's Higher Incentives for Energy Efficiency Upgrades

BOMA San Francisco Members:

Our partners at the San Francisco Department of the Environment have helped over 6,000 commercial and multifamily properties save energy by offering incentives and assistance for energy efficiency projects through the SF Energy Watch program. 

The program - a partnership between the City of San Francisco and PG and E -  has increased the incentive levels for LED lamps and most refrigeration measures. Upgrading the interior and exterior lighting of your building can yield significant utility savings. Another option is to optimize your large HVAC fans and VAV system performance with Variable Frequency Drives, which can cut energy waste, minimize noise, and reduce the wear of your unit. 

The  SF Environment staff can help you identify your energy saving opportunities and estimate your qualifying SF Energy Watch incentive. Get started today by contacting SF Energy Watch at (415) 355-3769 or at For more information, visit

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

UPDATE - BOMA San Francisco Janitorial & Security Contractors Now Impacted By San Francisco Formula Retail Employer Requirement Ordinances

UPDATE - November 25, 2014

BOMA San Francisco Janitorial and Security Members,

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed both measures at their meeting on November 18th and it's expected that the members of the Board will do the same today as they consider these items for a second and final vote.

Even so, BOMA San Francisco members and staff will be working with the Board of Supervisors and our business community partners in the next month to address our members' concerns as detailed below. More information on our efforts will be reported to you.

Questions or concerns?   Please email and

Original Post - November 17, 2014

Legislation is being fast-tracked at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors that, until this afternoon, didn't impact your industries (janitorial/security contractors), now requires your immediate attention. Please contact the San Francisco Board of Supervisors – details below.

There are two ordinances for you to review:
  • Supervisor Eric Mar
    • Police Code - Hours and Retention Protections for Formula Retail Employees
      • Abstract
        • Ordinance amending the Police Code to regulate the operation of Formula Retail Establishments, including requiring employers to offer additional hours of work, when available, to current part-time employees; and requiring successor employers to retain employees for 90 days upon a change in control of the business.
  • Supervisor David Chiu
    • Police Code - Fair Scheduling and Treatment of Formula Retail Employees
      • Abstract
        • Ordinance amending the Police Code to require Formula Retail Establishments to provide employees with two weeks notice of work schedules, notice of changes to work schedules, and compensation for schedule changes made on less than seven days notice and unused on-call shifts; and to provide part-time employees with the same starting rate of hourly pay, access to time off, and eligibility for promotions, as provided to full-time employees.

Both measures respectively address employee management and retention at Formula Retail (chain store) establishments and, until recently, did not affect the janitorial/security industries. Amendments that were inserted - without consultation to BOMA or representatives of your industries - were approved today at a special meeting of the Budget and Finance Committee and the Board of Supervisors will consider both measures tomorrow at their meeting at City Hall.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Both pieces of legislation now apply to janitorial and security contractors who contract with formula retailers, even if those contractors do not qualify as formula retailers.

What Should I Do?

Please contact (call and email) the following San Francisco Board of Supervisors and tell them to send both measures back to the Budget and Finance Committee for further review and discussion with employers directly impacted by the legislation:

Mark Farrell
Katy Tang
Scott Weiner
London Breed
Malia Cohen

Special thanks to Dee Dee Workman, Vice President of Public Policy with the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, who alerted us to this change. She’s worked tirelessly on this issue and we are appreciative of her efforts.