Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Shelter in Place Order Extended to May 3, 2020

Six Bay Area counties and the city of Berkeley announced extending the stay-at-home order through May 3, 2020.  The changes from earlier Bay Area lock down rules include prohibiting most residential and commercial construction, closing dog parks and playgrounds, banning play with a ball unless it involves only family or living unit members and a requirement that essential businesses enact tighter new social-distancing rules for their workplaces. Click here for new order.

Tighter restrictions relating to construction are as follows: For the purposes of this Order, “Essential Businesses” are…

Construction, but only of the types listed in this subparagraph below:

  • Projects immediately necessary to the maintenance, operation, or repair of Essential Infrastructure;
  • Projects associated with Healthcare Operations, including creating or expanding Healthcare Operations, provided that such construction is directly related to the COVID-19 response;
  • Affordable housing that is or will be income-restricted, including multi-unit or mixed-use developments containing at least 10% income-restricted units;
  • Public works projects if specifically designated as an Essential Governmental Function by the lead governmental agency;
  • Shelters and temporary housing, but not including hotels or motels;
  • Projects immediately necessary to provide critical non-commercial services to individuals experiencing homelessness, elderly persons, persons who are economically disadvantaged, and persons with special needs;
  • Construction necessary to ensure that existing construction sites that must be shut down under this Order are left in a safe and secure manner, but only to the extent necessary to do so; and
  • Construction or repair necessary to ensure that residences and buildings containing Essential Businesses are safe, sanitary, or habitable to the extent such construction or repair cannot reasonably be delayed 

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