Thursday, August 30, 2018

Important Please Review - CleanPowerSF Information With Deadline

BOMA San Francisco Government Affairs Committee Meets with CleanPowerSF Staff Members 

BOMA San Francisco’s Government Affairs Committee recently met with staff members from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) regarding CleanPowerSF. As an aside, if you are interested in public policy issues that affect commercial real estate, you should join the Government Affairs Committee!. Email Marty Smith, Chair ( or Shayna Eskew, Vice Chair ( and we’ll add you to the list.

IMPORTANT – Please review all of the information below regarding the CleanPowerSF program. Property owners are automatically enrolled unless they choose to opt-out.

What is CleanPowerSF? 
Click here for the synopsis.

I’m just hearing about this now. Why? 

All A1, A10 and E19 commercial accounts in the city are being enrolled right now with the exception of:
  • A1 accounts that are on CARE rates (this is a low income discount available to qualifying small commercial entities). They are planning to enroll this group in the spring of 2019. 
  • Commercial accounts that are on Net Energy Metering, which means they have rooftop solar. These accounts are being enrolled on a quarterly basis to line up the enrollment as closely as possible with their annual PG&E NEM true-up cycle. 
CleanPowerSF staff informed us that those accounts enrolled were notified twice by mail prior to the July enrollment (once in May and another in June), using the PG&E address of record. Two additional notices were mailed to accounts following service start with CleanPowerSF, in July and August. In addition to the notices they’ve been advertising in business publications and other media.

My property is an E19 commercial account and my owner wants to opt-out of CleanPowerSF. I only have until the end of the week? 

According to CleanPowerSF staff, E19 enrolled accounts can opt-out at any time (keep reading). Accounts that opt-out during the enrollment period (i.e., no more than 60 days after they were cut over to CleanPowerSF service) may do so without switching terms or restrictions. Customers that opt-out after the enrollment period (i.e., more than 60 days after commencing CleanPowerSF service) are subject to PG&E terms and conditions, including a prohibition on returning to CleanPowerSF service for one year. At this time, CleanPowerSF does not charge any fees for opting-out of the program.

Most E19 accounts within the City began service with CleanPowerSF on their regular meter read date with PG&E in July. The meter read date varies by account. If any of those E19 accounts wish to opt-out without being subject to PG&E terms and conditions for switching, they should consider opting-out by the end of this week. If an account holder wants to know exactly what day they need to opt-out by, they should email: They will be happy to work with them.

A comparison of PG&E and CleanPowerSF rates can be found here:

If a customer is on Peak Day Pricing and would like a cost comparison, they can request one by reaching out via either of the following methods:


Phone: (415) 554-0773

Giant Sweep: Love Our City - Citywide Cleanup on September 8, 2018

San Francisco Department of Public Works (SFDPW) is putting together a citywide cleanup on September 8th, from 9:00 a.m. until Noon.

They are urging all San Franciscans – residents and business owners – to take a moment to sweep in front of their homes/businesses and pick up litter in their neighborhood. It’s a simple ask! For those who do not own supplies, the SFDPW will have 3-4 kickoff sites in each Supervisorial District with supplies for people to borrow. District supervisors will be at select kickoff locations.

Kickoff sites

Supervisors will be welcoming neighbors at their respective sites highlighted in orange.

District 1: 

Argonne Playground at 18th Avenue between Geary Boulevard and Anza Street
Peabody Elementary School at 7th Avenue between Clement and California Streets
Lafayette Elementary School at Anza Street between 36th and 37th Avenues

District 2: 

Marina Library at Chestnut and Buchanan Streets
Sherman Elementary School at Union and Franklin Streets
Wallenberg High School at Masonic Avenue between Anza and Turk Streets

District 3: 

Hemlock Alley between Polk and Larkin Streets
Joe DiMaggio Playground on Lombard Street between Mason and Powell Streets
Portsmouth Square at Clay Street and Walter U. Lum Place

District 4:

McCoppin Playground at Taraval Street and 23rd Avenue
South Sunset Playground at Vicente Street and 41st Avenue
Francis Scott Key Elementary School at Kirkham Street and 42nd Avenue
Sunset Library at Irving Street and 18th Avenue

District 5: 

Alamo Square at Scott and Grove Streets
Grattan Elementary School on Alma Street between Cole and Shrader Streets
John Muir Elementary School on Page Street between Buchanan and Webster Streets
Rosa Parks Elementary School at Webster and Ellis Streets

District 6: 

Victoria Manalo Draves Park at Folsom and Sherman Streets
Sgt. Macaulay Park at O’Farrell and Larkin Streets
Rincon Park at The Embarcadero and Howard Street
South Park at South Park Street and Jack London Alley
UN Plaza at the BART elevator

District 7: 

West Portal Elementary School at Taraval Street and Claremont Boulevard
Ingleside Library garden on Ocean Avenue near Plymouth Street
Sunnyside Elementary School at Foerster Street and Hearst Avenue

District 8: 

St. John’s Church at Chenery Street near Burnside Avenue
Eureka Valley Library at 16th and Prosper Streets
St. Aidan’s Church at Diamond Heights Boulevard

District 9: 

Flynn Elementary School at Cesar Chavez and Harrison Street
In Chan Kaajal Park at 17th and Folsom Streets
Martin Luther King Middle School and Girard and Bacon Streets
Bernal Heights Library Playground at Cortland Avenue and Andover Street

District 10: 

Mendell Plaza at 3rd Street and Oakdale Avenue
Woods Yard Park at 22nd and Indiana Streets
Leland Greenway at Leland and Peabody Streets
St. Paul of the Shipwreck Church at Jamestown Street near Jennings Street

District 11: 

Sheridan Elementary School at Farallones Street and Capitol Avenue
Longfellow Elementary School at Lowell and Brunswick Streets
Excelsior Playground at Russia Avenue and Madrid Street
SF Community School at Excelsior Avenue between London and Paris Streets

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Folsom-Howard Streetscape Project: Near-Term Improvements Open House on August 16th and 18th

This week SFMTA will be hosting open houses on Thursday and Saturday to highlight plans for near-term changes to Howard Street from 6th to 11th streets and one block of Folsom Street from 5th to 4th. If approved, safety improvements will be installed this winter.

Graphic showing changes to Folsom and Howard streets.

The longer-term changes of the Folsom-Howard Streetscape Project will require finalizing the design, coordinating with utility work, changing signal times, pouring miles of concrete and making other changes. That work is expected to take until at least 2022.

The SFMTA made a commitment to look at near-term safety improvement. Near-term improvements will be similar to those installed on Folsom Street earlier this year and will include:
  • A parking-protected bikeway.
  • Daylighting intersections to improve visibility.
  • Increasing the number of loading zones on Howard.
The Folsom-Howard Team has met with over 30 businesses and community groups on Howard Sreet to gather input. Now, the SFMTA will host two open houses to share the designs of the Howard Street Near-Term Improvements and request feedback:

Thursday, August 16, 2018, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Saturday, August 18, 2018, 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Both open houses will be held at Bayanihan Community Center at 1010 Mission Street.

The SFMTA believes that these changes will make it safer and more pleasant to bike, walk, load and unload on Howard. They feel that the updates will provide a separated space for bicyclist, more visibility for pedestrians, and more spaces for merchants to load and unload. These changes will help prevent conflicts between the different ways people use Howard Street. By adding new protections for bicyclists and pedestrians, these improvements support San Francisco’s Vision Zero goal of eliminating traffic fatalities.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Moving SF - Introducing the San Francisco Interactive Projects Map

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has recently launched a new feature on their website: the Interactive Projects Map. It is the newest way to explore transportation projects in San Francisco.  This feature lets you review at a glance which agency projects are in the works or underway. You can find the map on the SFMTA Projects Page. Click on the full-screen icon in the corner of the map, and you’ll arrive at the Interactive Projects Map.

Interactive Projects map

The Interactive Projects Map is an online map of transportation plans and projects sponsored by or in partnership with the SFMTA. The map offers a new way to learn about SFMTA projects and explore all of the work they are doing around the city. The map helps the Agency share information about projects with members of the public, city leaders and our city partners. SFMTA staff can also use the map to minimize impacts to communities by seeing what other projects are happening nearby, allowing them to better coordinate construction schedules.