Thursday, August 25, 2011

When Should Commercial Property Owners Be Required to Do a Seismic Upgrade? Take The Survey

BOMA San Francisco Members:

Let's say you're in doing a tenant improvement or a mechanical upgrade. Should the building code also require a seismic evaluation -- and possibly a retrofit -- even if your project wouldn't touch the structural system? BOMA members can contribute to the code change process by taking a survey developed by structural engineers funded by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute.

The 2010 California Building Code triggers upgrades in a few cases already, but some are asking whether the code should be more proactive about seismic mitigation. What role should the code play in a city's mitigation plan? Would code-triggered upgrades reduce risk or would they just discourage modernization projects? Should a seismic trigger be related to project cost? Should certain building types be exempted -- or targeted? For more about the study, contact David Bonowitz, S.E.

Click here to take their short survey about building alterations and triggered upgrades.  Your input is very much appreciated.

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