Friday, July 6, 2012

BOMA California Legislative Update - ADA Reform, Prop. 13 Split Roll & Tax Proposals and Loan Program for Energy Efficiency

BOMA San Francisco Members:

Please take a moment to review the following update from our advocates at BOMA California.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Reform Effort – SB 1186 

This measure continues to move forward in the legislature. On behalf of the commercial real estate industry, the California Business Properties Association (CBPA) is involved in weekly meetings on reaching a consensus to end ADA demand letters and find a way around technical issues versus accessibility issues. This bill provides the best chance we have had in years to reduce the plethora frivolous lawsuits.

Proposition 13 Split Roll & Tax Propositions

Efforts continue on a variety of fronts but BOMA California continues to have success in holding back efforts to establish a split roll tax in California. The upcoming November election has three major tax proposals on the ballot: the Governor’s proposal, which would raise sales & income taxes; the Munger Proposal, which would raise virtually all income taxes; and a third proposal which would increase taxes for 'green building' projects for five years, then be re-directed to the General Fund.

Loan Program for Energy Efficiency – SB 1130 

BOMA California advocates have been working with the Brown administration, treasurer, and/or controller over the past three years to design a program that uses the bonding ability of the state to provide an option for property owners to tap into low cost loans for energy efficiency. The bill is in the second house and continues to move forward.

Business Improvement District Restrictions on Management -- AB 2265 

Many retail facilities are in a local BID and pay substantial amounts of fees for services provided by these quasi-public entities. This bill would limit who could be hired to manage the districts, restricting our ability to pick the most qualified individual/firm. After a big push by the California Downtown Association to educate lawmakers about the damaging impacts of this policy, the legislation was withdrawn from committee and is dead.

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