Friday, September 20, 2013

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Approves Alternative to Air Replenishment System for Firefighters

BOMA San Francisco Members:

With regard to the almost decade old requirement to install Air Replenishment Systems (ARS) in new high rise buildings, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors recently voted to unanimously support the San Francisco Fire Department to allow buildings between 75 and 120 feet to install a firefighter service elevator instead of an ARS.  Installing a fire service elevator is a valuable and practical option for firefighters.

BOMA San Francisco members commend the San Francisco Fire Department for their leadership on this issue.  The Department's decision was based on the most effective way to save the lives of those who may reside in a high rise building and the firefighters.  Also, new technologies and advancements in firefighter protection have made the ARS obsolete. 


The City adopted an ordinance in 2004 that requires developers of new high rise buildings to install a patented piping system to supply firefighters fresh air all the way up a building to avoid them having to carry heavy air tanks up dozens of stairs. It is a high pressure air delivery system that was created by Air Rescue Systems, a company that convinced the Board of Supervisors at the time that it was a necessary requirement in every new high rise building built in the City.

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