Friday, September 12, 2014

Existing City Retrofit Project - September 22, 2014

BOMA San Francisco Members:

Please consider attending the Existing City Retrofit Project (ECRP) workshop on September 22nd to explore the potential economic, environmental, and social benefits that your building could achieve through community energy retrofits.  Lunch will provided.

When: September 22nd, 2014
Time: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Where: SPUR San Francisco, 654 Mission Street

About the ECRP

Existing city retrofit is a research project seeking to quantify the potential financial, environmental, and social benefits that building owners can achieve through shared (rather than isolated) thermal system overhauls with their neighbors. As a pilot, the project seeks to do this at a single system level (chilled and/or condenser water) at a finite scale (2 to 4 neighboring buildings) in a real existing urban fabric (downtown San Francisco).

Despite the fact that building owners execute major MEP overhauls for the same reasons, they do so in complete isolation within individual buildings. As a result, additional benefits that could be realized at a multi-building scale are foregone. Existing city retrofit is a project that seeks to generate the data required to document the business case for such shared community MEP overhauls.

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