Thursday, June 30, 2016

BOMA San Francisco Members Meet with San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin


BOMA San Francisco Government Affairs and Political Action Committee members met with San Francisco District 3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin recently.

District 3 is comprised of North Beach, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, Polk Gulch, Union Square/Financial District and Russian, Nob and Telegraph Hills. Peskin has lived in District 3 for almost thirty years. He is currently serving his third non-consecutive term on the Board of Supervisors, after serving two terms from 2001-2009 (including one term as the unanimously-elected President of the Board).
Here is a synopsis of the meeting:
  • Aaron 2.0 (now) vs. Aaron 1.0 (2001-2009)
    • He is less idealistic and is focused on making the City work. Not trying to save the world this time.
  • Housing
    • Primary issue in June election.
    • How do you do increase housing without disruption and changing socioeconomic/culture character of the neighborhood?
    • Prop. C (BOMA SF_PAC took no position).
      • Create new housing that everyone can afford.
  • Homelessness
    • A focus for the GAPAC this year. Thank you to GAPAC Vice Chair Marty Smith for leading this effort.
    • Aaron feels that the solution is housing and SRO hotel units are key to allowing folks to become functional members of society.
      • 35000 in 1970;
        • 19000 now.
      • The delta is the same size of our homelessness population.
  • City budget
    • $9 Billion corporation and needs to be responsible to the shareholders.
    •  It’s bloated and there isn’t the correct level of accountability from the legislative branch (Board of Supervisors).
    • He doesn’t like set-asides.
  • Transbay Transit Center cost overrun is unfortunate and the City is responsible for the difference. 
  • Prop M. - San Francisco Office Development Annual Limitation Program
    • Perhaps some adjustment per district. 

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