Tuesday, January 30, 2018

San Francisco County Transportation Authority Update - Transportation Task Force 2045 Revenue Options & 2018 Board Elections

Transportation Task Force 2045 Proposes Transportation Revenue Options in New Report

In 2017, Transportation Authority Chair Aaron Peskin collaborated with former Mayor Edwin M. Lee to convene the 60-person Transportation Task Force 2045, comprised of neighborhood and civic groups, labor, business - including BOMA San Francisco - and advocacy organizations, as well as local and regional transportation agencies.

Meeting over the course of seven months, the task force examined revenue and expenditure options for a potential local transportation revenue measure in 2018. Topics covered included an assessment of transportation needs, consideration of operating and capital priorities for the expenditure plan, and identification of a menu of possible sources to fund these. The final report documents the task force’s recommendations for voter or legislative consideration.

2018 Board Elections and 2017 Annual Report

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA or Transportation Authority) Board held elections in January and re-affirmed the agency’s leadership with Commissioner Aaron Peskin re-elected as chair and Commissioner Katy Tang re-elected as vice chair. Commissioners Jane Kim and Norman Yee were also re-elected as chair and vice chair of the Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency, a role the Transportation Authority plays to implement transportation improvements on Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island.

In thanking his colleagues and looking ahead, Chair Peskin said, “We had a productive last year and I look forward to continuing to advance our priorities in 2018. In particular, we must continue our focus on creating local funding sources to pay for critical transit and roadway improvements, building on the work of the Transportation 2045 Task Force, and press ahead toward Vision Zero, our goal to end traffic fatalities by 2024. Whether it's neighborhood-level pedestrian safety improvements or building out our downtown core to accommodate booming job growth, smart investments in infrastructure and operations will curb congestion and keep San Francisco moving. I am committed to tackling it all, and look forward to working with colleagues and the public in the coming year.”

The agency’s annual report, which summarizes our planning, funding, project delivery, and oversight activities in 2017 is available for download here.

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