Tuesday, October 8, 2019

SF72: Bay Area Public Safety Power Shutoff Information

From our partners at the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management:

Bay Area Public Safety Power Shutoff: San Francisco is not currently projected to experience an electric outage due to potential Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) affecting many other Bay Area counties. For specific locations and updated information about the possible PSPS event, visit: https://www.pge.com/en_US/safety/emergency-preparedness/natural-disaster/wildfires/public-safety-power-shutoff-faq.page

Although San Francisco is not directly impacted, people are encouraged to check on family and friends that may be in the affected areas. People that are dependent on electricity for their medical needs are especially vulnerable during power outages.

The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management is actively monitoring the potential PSPS event and is maintaining communications with PG&E, regional partners and City and County of San Francisco agencies. City Departments are accessing their continuity plans to ensure essential city functions can continue if city employees who live outside of San Francisco are impacted due to the PSPS event.

Text your zip code to 888-777 to sign up for emergency alerts including notices of potential electric outages in San Francisco.

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