Thursday, March 15, 2012

CAPSS - Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety Update - March 2012


BOMA San Francisco Members:

Many Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety Update (CAPSS) and related earthquake safety activities continue, setting the stage for 2012 as a critical year for earthquake mitigation action in San Francisco:

  • Don't miss the Safe Enough to Stay exhibit at the SPUR Urban Center, 654 Mission Street. This exhibition, open Tuesday through Friday through April 18, looks at your home a week after an earthquake, providing information about how you can "shelter-in-place" and adapt to temporary life with minor earthquake damage and without full utility services. Join the closing party at SPUR on April 18, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
  • The long-awaited FEMA publication providing guidance for cost effective techniques for soft story retrofits, FEMA 807 (formerly ATC 71-1), is undergoing final editing and will be available in April 2012. 
  • Updates to the Community Safety Element of the General Plan are being reviewed by the Planning Department's Environmental Planning Division. These updates incorporate into the Plan the goals of San Francisco's ResilientSF program, including the recommendations of Department of Emergency Management, CAPSS, and other programs.
  • Three crucial Administrative Bulletins that clarify San Francisco's post-earthquake repair and retrofit requirements for wood frame and concrete buildings have been recommended for approval and adoption by the Structural Subcommittee of DBI's Code Advisory Committee. The full CAC will consider these Administrative Bulletins on Wednesday, March 14, to be followed by consideration by the Building Inspection Commission. Accompanying these Administrative Bulletins are minor code revisions related to "disproportionate earthquake damage," a condition that might occur when a minor earthquake causes structural damage to a building, revealing that the structure is highly vulnerable to serious damage or failure in a moderate or greater earthquake event.
  • CAPSS/Earthquake Safety Implementation Program, part of the ResilientSF program, is developing partnerships with various nonprofit organizations to support implementation such as seismic upgrade assistance to seniors and low-income San Franciscan homeowners. More to come soon on these exciting ventures.
  • The website for the CAPSS/Earthquake Safety Implementation Program is being completely revised. You will soon see a new look with many updates and useful links thanks to Administrative Assistant Micah Hilt and Michael Pawluk of the Neighborhood Empowerment Network.
Many other related activities are underway, including:
  • Development of a menu of financing options for earthquake retrofit work
  • Follow-up on alternative retrofit solutions, such as use of dampers and garage-door reinforcement
  • Development of standard earthquake upgrade details for one- and two-family dwellings
  • Consideration of issues related to private schools
  • Public information programs, including new SFGovTV shows
  • and, much more.

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