Thursday, May 10, 2012

BOMA California Government Affairs Representative Matthew Hargrove Talks with BOMA San Francisco Members

BOMA San Francisco Members:

Matthew Hargrove, Sr. Vice President of Government Affairs for BOMA California (which is federated with the California Business Properties Association) updated BOMA San Francisco Government and Public Affairs Committee members recently on his efforts to protect the commercial real estate industry from egregious public policy at the state level.

Head of the table L to R: Hal Brownstone, GAPAC Chair and Matthew Hargrove

Items Discussed

  • AB 2014 (Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, San Francisco - D) Property Taxation - BOMA California's position - OPPOSE
    • This bill would require the legislature to convene a task force comprised of specific citizens and officials to update work done by a similar body in 1979.   The task force would provide recommendations to the legislature regarding the definition of ownership for complex legal entities. 
  • SB 1130  (Senator Kevin De Leon, Los Angeles - D) Energy Assessment: Commercial Buildings -  BOMA California's position - SUPPORT
    • This bill would enact the Commercial Building Energy Retrofit Financing Act of 2012 to provide financial assistance via bonds to owners of eligible buildings for implementing energy efficiency retrofit measures for buildings.   -  
  • SB 1436 (Senator Alan Lowenthal, Long Beach - D) Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) -  BOMA California's position - SUPPORT
    • This measure will retain important provisions of current law regarding voluntary placement of AEDs by removing a sunset date.  Current law has been operative for more than ten years.  Removing the sunset creates more certainty related to requirements that building owners and other voluntary acquirers of AEDs must meet in order to be immune from civil liability, likely resulting in more AED installations and greater Good Samaritan access.
BOMA California - The Voice of Commercial Real Estate in California

BOMA California preserves and promotes the interest of California commercial real estate professionals through legislative and regulatory advocacy in Sacramento.  BOMA California is a federation of all eight metropolitan BOMA local associations in California and serves as the collective membership's legislative and regulatory advocate.  

BOMA California was created in the 1980's when representatives from several metropolitan BOMA's found themselves in Sacramento at the same time, testifying on the same legislative issues affecting the commercial real estate industry. In an effort to have the industry speak with one unified voice, in a cost efficient manner and with greater authority, the leaders of several of the local associations decided to create BOMA California.

To date, BOMA California has been effective on a wide variety of issues including forced access by telecommunications companies, energy deregulation, split roll property taxes, mandatory statewide fire sprinkler retrofit requirements, toxic mold liability, enhanced disabled access requirements, and much, much more.

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