Wednesday, May 23, 2012

San Francisco Commercial Lighting Ordinance - Incentives Available To Assist With Compliance

BOMA San Francisco Members:

San Francisco's Commercial Lighting Efficiency Ordinance requires that fluorescent lighting in commercial buildings meet a specific efficiency standard.

In brief, the ordinance requires that 4-foot and 8-foot linear fluorescent lamps and ballast systems in commercial buildings must produce a minimum 81 lumens per watt of electricity consumed. This standard is most typically met with T8 lamps and electronic ballasts. In addition, 4-foot linear fluorescents must not exceed 5 mg and 8-foot linear fluorescents must not exceed 10 mg of mercury. To learn more about the ordinance visit

The SF Energy Watch program can help you comply with the law by offering financial and technical assistance. Incentives for T8 lighting upgrades are available now but are due to expire in 2012, so upgrade before the incentives have expired! Take advantage of the SF Energy Watch incentives and start lowering energy costs. The sooner you upgrade the sooner you start to see significant savings on your monthly energy bill. The SF Energy Watch program is a partnership between PG&E and SF Environment. For more information or to schedule a free energy assessment, call the SF Energy Watch hotline at 415.355.3769 or visit

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