Friday, November 16, 2012

BOMA California Legislative Update - 2013 CEQA Reform

California Environmental Quality Act Reform - 2013

California's elected leaders have publicly proclaimed to support CEQA reform in 2013. BOMA California is part of a broad coalition of business groups, schools, local governments, and others pushing comprehensive CEQA modernization. It is paramount that the state maintain CEQA’s original intent of environmental protection, while limiting abuses of the law that unnecessarily hinder economic growth and job creation.

Here are the policy principles for CEQA modernization that BOMA California is pursuing:

* Integrate environmental and planning laws;
* Eliminate duplication;
* Focus CEQA litigation on compliance with environmental and planning laws;
* Enhance public disclosure and accountability.

California needs to modernize CEQA to conform with California’s comprehensive environmental laws and regulations that preserve the environmental protections while preventing CEQA abuses that jeopardize community renewal, job-creation and the environment.

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