Friday, June 28, 2013

BOMA International Advocacy Update - Code Victories Save Billions

BOMA’s Code Victories Help Save CRE Industry Billions

BOMA International remains on the front lines for achievable and cost-effective building codes against the growing influence of powerful groups lobbying for costly shifts in building regulations. BOMA continues to lead the opposition to a number of onerous and unnecessary code change proposals, which, in recent years, has saved the commercial real estate industry:
  • $3.8 billion annually with the disapproval of changes to the structural, fire and egress codes proposed by NIST/World Trade Center. 
  • $990 million annually by successfully defeating a prosed 30 percent increase in stringency to the International Energy Conservation Code. 
  • $630 million annually in lost lease income avoided with the approval of BOMA’s alternatives to NIST/World Trade Center proposals for additional elevators for tenant emergency egress and exclusive fire service use in the ICC Building Codes. 
  • $700,000 per building in annual construction costs avoided with BOMA’s successful proposal of more cost-effective design options, eliminating onerous requirements for existing buildings and defeating retroactive code inspections one year following the sale or purchase of a building in the International Green Construction Code. 
An additional $3.50 per square foot of commercial real estate was saved with the disapproval of a number of smaller miscellaneous code changes.  Learn more.

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