Monday, June 17, 2013

PG&E General Rate Case Application Covering Years 2014 Through 2016

BOMA San Francisco Members:

The 2014 General Rate Case (GRC) – covering years 2014-2016 – is the major regulatory proceeding for PG&E to request the revenue needed to operate, maintain, repair and upgrade their gas distribution, electric distribution and electric generation facilities. The GRC is typically conducted every three years. This funding request reflects PG&E’s commitment to provide its customers with safe and reliable service. PG&E is building a safer and more reliable energy system that will continue to help California remain competitive on a national and global scale. The funding will be used to:
  • Assure a high level of public safety in the operation of PG&E’s gas and electric facilities.
  • Invest in and maintain the system of power plants, poles, wires, pipes and equipment needed to deliver electricity and gas to PG&E’s customers.
  • Improve customer service and maintain the support structure necessary to keep PG&E operating and to provide PG&E’s customers with safe, reliable and responsive customer service.
PG&E requested 6.4% increase in bundled average electric rates (6.0% for Large Commercial: E19 & E20) and 11.7% (Small Commercial: GNR1) and 5.7% (Large Commercial: GNR2) increase in small and large average gas rates. The actual distribution of the increase to each customer class depends on how the CPUC ultimately decides all issues in the GRC, as well as in a separate electric rate design proceeding filed in the first quarter of 2013.  PG&E expects the commission to issue a decision on PG&E’s request in December 2013 at the earliest.

What This Means for You 

Electric and Gas Rate Changes by Class

PG&E’s projected system bundled and DA/CCA electric rates are expected to increase as much as 6.4% (6.0% for Large Commercial: E19 & E20) and 7.8% (7.9% for Large Commercial: E19 & E20) respectively, if the CPUC approves PG&E’s requested funding. Bundled gas rates are expected to increase by 11.7% (Small Commercial: GNR1) and 5.7% (Large Commercial: GNR2) for small and large commercial classes. Please see the table below for projected rate change per class.

Additionally there are other proceedings currently pending before the CPUC that could change the estimated January 2014 electric rate impacts. Several key case filings are expected to be submitted by PG&E in the future. Along with the GRC, PG&E’s Annual Gas True Up and Annual Electric True Up will impact PG&E’s January 2014 rates.

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