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UPDATE: Tenant Bicycle Access Ordinance - Bicycle Access Plan and Exception Form Due Date Moved to January 31, 2014

BOMA San Francisco Members:

UPDATE - November 4, 2013

The San Francisco Department of Environment has kindly extended the date for BOMA members to submit the Bicycle Access Plan and/or applicable exemptions with the Department to January 31, 2014.


UPDATE - October 30, 2013

With regard to the Tenant Bicycle Access in Existing Commercial Buildings Ordinance a property owner or manager must file a Bicycle Access Plan and/or any applicable exemptions with the San Francisco Department of Environment by October 31, 2013.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact

BOMA members only need to fill out this form if there are specific details and limitations on bicycle access in the building.  This includes the route to elevators or stairs that accommodate bicycle access or the route to a designated area for bike parking and other information as listed in the law.  If you allow full bicycle access in your building without restriction, you do not need to fill out the Bicycle Access Plan.  

It is user friendly and can be submitted online.  You will receive an email confirmation of your submission (please check your spam filter if you do not see it).  The Plan will be kept on file at the Department of Environment and made available upon request to tenants. If you have already submitted a Bicycle Access Plan and would like to update a it, simply re-submit a Plan with the included updates. 

An exemption form is required if
  • Your building’s elevator is not available for bicycle access due to substantial safety risks; or 
  • Alternate covered off-street or alternate indoor no-cost bicycle parking that meets the security requirements of Planning Code Section 155.1(a)(6) and (7), meets the quantity and other requirements identified in the existing Planning Code, and is available within three blocks or 750 feet, whichever is less, that accommodates all tenants requesting bike access. 
The Department of the Environment, after consultation with the Municipal Transportation Agency and Department of Building Inspection, will either approve or deny the exception request. Commercial properties that file for an exception should also complete a Bicycle Access Plan to ensure that tenants are aware of the specified location to park their bicycles. 


UPDATE - May 21, 2012

The Tenant Bicycle Access in Existing Commercial Buildings Ordinance is now law.  We're honored to work with the San Francisco Bicycle Collation and Supervisor John Avalos' office to make this a reality.

Two articles were published in FM World (BIFM’s Facilities Management magazine) regarding the new law:
  • San Francisco beefs up bike access laws | FM World – the BIFM’s Facilities Management magazine
  • Think Tank: FMs vote for cycle parking | FM World – the BIFM’s Facilities Management magazine
What are the next steps for BOMA San Francisco Members?

Please click here to access a FAQ sheet to review what this ordinance now requires of commercial building owners and managers.  BOMA members (and non-BOMA members) will, at a tenant’s request, now have to:
  • Allow bicycles to be brought into the tenant space/or into a bike room on site for tenant employees only.
    • A building owner and manager will have to allow bicycles in the building without restriction (e.g., no prescription on path of travel, elevator use), but if they choose to restrict full access in anyway, they must fill out a Bicycle Access Plan (BAP) and submit that document to the San Francisco Department of Environment.  NOTE: the San Francisco Department of Environment is currently developing the BAP. 
      • If a building owner and manager chooses to restrict bicycle access, they must provide  parking (e.g., a bike room on site) and detail the location of the parking area and access to it in a BAP.
  • OR a building owner and manager can fully restrict bicycle access to the building.
    • If the building owner and manager decides to file an exemption to the BAP then they must locate no-cost secure bicycle parking (e.g., via neighboring garage) within three blocks or 750 feet - whichever is less - for all employees of a tenant who requests bicycle parking. 
The new law does not require building owners to build a bike room or dedicate a specific space for bicycle parking. It does allow the tenant’s employees to bring their bikes inside their rented space if the building owner does not provide them with a separate and secure storage area. If a building owner chooses to build a bike room, this legislation does not prohibit charging a reasonable fee for use.

If you have any questions please contact John Bozeman at or (415) 686-9652 x 116.


UPDATE - April 26, 2012

BOMA San Francisco is honored to be the recipient of the prestigious San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC) Golden Wheel Award.  This honor will be bestowed upon the organization on June 5th from 5:30-9:00 p.m. in the Green Room, War Memorial Building (401 Van Ness Avenue).

From the SFBC:
For leading the business community in support of groundbreaking local legislation that will significantly expand bicycling as an option for employees in San Francisco. We were proud to partner closely with BOMA on the Employee Bicycle Access Bill, which was signed into law this year and ensures secure bicycle parking for San Francisco Employees. Thanks to BOMA’s support, San Francisco has the strongest bicycle access legislation in the country.
Thank you BOMA for building bridges and partnering with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition for a stronger economy and a healthier workforce.
Please consider attending this event!  Click here for more information.


UPDATE - April 12, 2012

BOMA San Francisco's President, Meade Boutwell, recently authored an opinion editorial that has been published in Buildings Magazine: San Francisco Approves Bicycle Parking Ordinance.


UPDATE - March 19, 2012

On March 13, 2012, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed the Tenant Bicycle Access in Existing Commercial Buildings Ordinance on a 9-2 vote.  The measure now goes to Mayor Ed Lee's desk for his consideration.

NOTE - the Tenant Bicycle Access in Existing Commercial Buildings Ordinance will take effect thirty days after Mayor Ed Lee (potentially) signs the measure.  Please be sure to review the ordinance and the FAQ sheet to understand what will be required of building owners and managers regarding tenants' employee bicycle parking in an existing commercial building.  If you have any questions regarding this legislation please contact John Bozeman at or Ken Cleaveland at   Representatives from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition are also available to conduct a site visit of your existing bicycle parking facility to determine if it is acceptable under the requirements of the ordinance.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition distributed a press release on this news which quoted Meade Boutwell, BOMA San Francisco's President and part-time bicycle commuter: 
Members of the Building Owners and Managers Association are concerned about the environment and promote the use of sustainable transportation options, including bicycles. With many companies expressing the desire for bicycle parking and storage, BOMA recognizes the need to provide safe, secure parking for bicycling employees....[t]he opportunity to work closely with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and Supervisor John Avalos' office to increase the availability of bicycle parking options for tenants' employees, and help sustain the environment made sense.
On behalf of Mr. Boutwell and the BOMA membership, thank you to the Board of Supervisors - especially John Avalos - and San Francisco Bicycle Coalition for their leadership on the issue of bicycle parking in existing commercial buildings.

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