Monday, November 9, 2015

Better BART. Better Bay Area. - BART Addresses Crowding Issues

Take a moment to view this short but dynamic video on how BART is currently addressing their crowding issues. The BART Communications team put it together to show the ways BART vehicle mechanics are working collaboratively to repair old train cars in their fleet, which were once considered scrap. The repair crew’s efforts will ultimately increase the percentage of train cars in service from the daily average of 86% to an unprecedented 89%. Click here to see the video or read the article


Building a Better BART is the plan to repair and replace your 43-year-old train system’s deteriorating rail, corroding tunnel walls and aging speed control equipment. The goal is rebuild the decades-old infrastructure in order to maintain BART’s excellent safety record, increase train reliability, reduce traffic and protect our environment in the years to come. Visit:

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