Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Register for BOMA San Francisco's Annual 2017 Codes Seminar - November 9, 2017

BOMA San Francisco’s Annual Codes Seminar will feature presentations on a wide range of important topics — especially for commercial property managers. This is an opportunity for BOMA members to meet and interact with important city officials from the Building and Fire Departments responsible for enforcing these codes and to hear from our own design and construction professionals on the most recent changes to our local codes and permitting processes and the most effective ways to comply. It’s BOMA San Francisco’s most important regulatory update of the year, so don’t miss out!

Commercial Permitting
ADA Review: What’s New?
What to Remember?
Fire Code Update: What’s Impacting TI’s
Title 24 Energy Review
BOMA 2017 for Office Buildings: Standard Methods of Measurement
Elevator Update:
Modernizations and Cal-OSH
State & Local Legislative Update


Mark Walls, Sr. Building Inspector, San Francisco Dept. of Building Inspection
Dan DeCossio, Dept. Asst. Fire Chief, SFFD, and SF Fire Marshal
Steve Panelli, Chief Plumbing Inspector, SF Dept. of Building Inspection
Mohsin Shaikh, PE, LEED AP, Mechanical/Energy Plan Inspector, SF Dept. of Building Inspection
Jeff Maddox, The Fire Consultants
Skip Soskin, AIA, Huntsman Architectural Group
Steve Taylor, PE, Taylor Engineering
Craig Oty, IALD, PE, LC,
The Engineering Enterprise
George von Klan, GVK Elevator Consulting Services, Inc.
Joe Armas, Otis Elevator
Manuel Fishman, Esq., Buchalter

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