Monday, December 21, 2009

San Francisco Existing Commercial Buildings Efficiency Task Force Recommendations

In February 2009, Mayor Gavin Newsom created the Existing Buildings Efficiency Initiative Task Force (Task Force) to recommend policies and actions to improve the energy efficiency of existing commercial buildings in San Francisco.  The Task Force continues the work of the 2007 Green Buildings Task Force that was convened by the Mayor to develop expanded green building standards for major new private construction projects in San Francisco.

Please click here to access the Task Force's recommendations for the existing commercial building stock in the City and County of San Francisco, released last week.  The city's goal is to reduce total energy consumption in existing buildings by 50% by 2030, or an average of 2.5% reduction per year. Seven areas were identified as key to accomplishing this:

Please pay particular attention to the Implementation Timeline (Page VI).

The Task Force is comprised of 19 key stakeholders from San Francisco's building ownership, developer, financial, architectural, engineering, legal, utility, and construction communities:

  • Steven M. Ring RPA, CPM, LEED AP, Director of Client Solutions, Cushman & Wakefield of California 
  • Laura Rodormer LEED AP, Green Consulting Services Manager, Swinerton Management & Consulting
  • Kari Aycock RPA, LEED AP, Property Manager, Hines
  • Robin Bass AIA, LEED AP, Associate and Design Team Leader, Huntsman Architectural Group
    • Member, BOMA San Francisco
  • James Cantrell CPM, Principal, Cantrell, Harris, & Associates
  • Greg Cunningham AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Enovity
  • Lisa Michelle Galley, Managing Principal and Founder, Galley Eco Capital
  • Barry Giles, LEED Faculty Emeritus, CEO, Building Wise LLC
  • Alexander Hamilton, Partner, MBV Law
    • Member, BOMA San Francisco
  • Peter Liu, Founder and Vice Chairman, New Resource Bank
  • Jeff Palmer, Northern California Vice President, Able Engineering
  • James Smith, Chief Engineer of 455 Market, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Raphael Sperry AIA, LEED AP, Green Building Consultant, Simon & Associates, Inc.
  • Angelica Ting Steinmeier, Managing Director, Landmark Exchange Management
    • Member, BOMA San Francisco
  • Peter Turnbull, Principal Strategic Planner, Area 1, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
  • Phil Williams PE, LEED AP, Vice President, Webcor Builders
    • Member, BOMA San Francisco
  • William A Young Sr., Manager of Engineering Services, Shorenstein Property Management & Construction
    • Member, BOMA San Francisco
Technical Advisors
  • Panama Bartholomy, Advisor to Commissioner Douglas, California Energy Commission.
  • Kathy Diehl MSE, ENERGY STAR Program Manager, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 9
BOMA San Francisco is very fortunate to have had such good participation from a variety of uniquely-talented members, all of whom appreciate the many challenges older, existing buildings face in trying to document and upgrade their properties for energy efficiency. THANK YOU.

We welcome your feedback on these recommendations.  Please email Ken Cleaveland, Director of Government and Public Relations for BOMA San Francisco, with your comments.  Legislation will follow that will implement many of these recommendations; we'll post the measure on the blog when it is introduced.

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