Friday, July 2, 2010

Fix Muni Now - Nearly 75,000 Signatures Submitted to the Department of Elections!

BOMA San Francisco Members:

Thanks to the efforts of Supervisor Sean ElsberndSPUR and the BOMA San Francisco  membership, the Fix Muni Now campaign submitted close to 75,000 signatures to the San Francisco Department of Elections on July 1, 2010--approximately 30,000 more than required--to get Muni reform on the November ballot.   Congratulations to everyone who participated in making this good government measure a reality.  

Supervisor Sean Elsbernd -  Image retrieved here.

How Will This Ballot Measure Improve Muni Service?

The ballot measure will help improve Muni service in a number of ways. It would:
  • Require collective bargaining between labor and management to set pay, benefits, and work rules--exactly the same process that every other union in the city follows; 
  • Will give the SFMTA the ability to negotiate work rules that have led to high rates of absenteeism resulting in missed runs; 
  • Will make Muni run more efficiently to avoid fare increases and service cuts to routes;
  • Lastly, it ill eliminate the current City Charter provision requiring the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) to set operator wages at the average rate of the two highest paying transit agencies in the country.
We'll be posting more information on this measure in the very near future.  Stay tuned!

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