Monday, July 26, 2010

UPDATE: San Francisco's JOBS NOW! Program

BOMA San Francisco Members:

UPDATE - As of July 26, 2010

Recently, there have been reports that Congress may not extend funding past September 30, 2010 for the successful JOBS NOW! program.  At present, Mayor Gavin Newsom is working aggressively with the City's federal partners on an extension and, in the meantime, employers are strongly encouraged to continue to apply for this job creating program. 

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Original Post - November 8, 2009

The San Francisco Human Services Agency (SF-HSA) is using newly available federal stimulus funds to expand subsidized employment opportunities, with a goal of placing 1,000 participants in jobs between May 2009 and September 2010.  This new program is called JOBS NOW!

Consistent with the goals of the federal stimulus package, the primary objectives of the JOBS NOW! program are to provide an immediate source of income for low-income families and to stimulate local economic recovery.  JOBS NOW! builds upon several successful transitional jobs programs already in place at SF-HSA, which were designed to help unemployed individuals address barriers to employment, develop soft skills, gain work experience and progress toward self-sufficiency. JOBS NOW! participants will exit the program with stable employment history, leaving them better positioned to obtain an unsubsidized job when the stimulus period ends. The JOBS NOW! program benefits local employers by providing referrals of qualified workers and by subsidizing 100% of their wages until September 30, 2010.  It's a win-win!

Thank you to SF Works for promoting this program.  If you'd like more information on JOBS NOW! for private and nonprofit employers please click here

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