Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Transbay Temporary Terminal Set to Open August 7, 2010

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) has announced the official opening date of the Transbay Temporary Terminal and the closing of the existing Transbay Terminal starting August 7, 2010. The Transbay Termporary Terminal, located on Howard and Main Streets, will serve as the temporary bus facility until the completion of the Transbay Transit Center at First and Mission Streets in 2017.

The Transbay Temporary Terminal will serve AC Transit, Muni, Greyhound, WestCAT Lynx, SamTrans and Golden Gate Transit. The open air facility will serve AC Transit, Greyhound and WestCAT Lynx on the inside of the site and Muni, Golden Gate Transit and SamTrans on the perimeter of the site.

The Temporary Terminal is an open air facility and will feature real time electronic signage, 24-hour on-site security and overhead canopies to protect passengers while they wait. A full list of bus stops at the Temporary Terminal is available at www.temporaryterminal.org.

The Transbay Transit Center Project, which will replace the current Transbay Terminal with a new, multi-modal transportation center and centralize the region's transportation network by accommodating eleven transportation systems -- including Caltrain and High Speed Rail -- will make public transit a more convenient option in the Bay Area, much as it is in other world-class cities.

For more information on the Temporary Terminal, visit www.temporaryterminal.org. For more information on the Transit Center and the Transbay Program, please visit www.transbaycenter.org.

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