Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BOMA San Francisco Energy & Environment Committee's 2011 Earth Awards Workshop

BOMA San Francisco Members:

On January 27, 2011, an interactive 2011 EARTH Award workshop held at the Ferry Building was presented by the BOMA Energy & Environment Committee to guide BOMA members through the 2011 EARTH Awards application process.  

The workshop had stations set up to promote the various facets of sustainable practices taken directly from the 2011 EARTH Award Application: energy efficiency, water conservation, waste diversion, tenant education, indoor air quality, purchasing practices, and transportation.  The stations were staged via a cooperative effort with individuals from various organizations and vendors working together to promote sustainable practices, provide resources and promote practices that will guide our industry and answer questions regarding the EARTH Award, Energy Star, LEED practices and standards.

Congratulations to Chris Wong and Laurie Rummelhart with The Swig Company - as well as the members of the BOMA San Francisco Energy & Environment Committee - for organizing a very successful and well-attended workshop!

About the BOMA San Francisco Earth Award Program

The BOMA San Francisco EARTH Award recognizes member buildings that utilize the most comprehensive resource management programs, including commercial recycling programs, energy and water conservation efforts, air quality and toxics reduction programs, support for public transportation, and effective use of tenant education programs geared to promoting sustainability practices in commercial office buildings. The EARTH Award program is an opportunity for BOMA members to consider the entire spectrum of programs and practices that constitute an effective 'sustainability program' for office buildings including what policies and procedures should be adopted that can help move a property toward becoming 'green'. 

Every year, the BOMA San Francisco EARTH Awards program increases in popularity and represents a larger cross-section of commercial real estate properties in the City.  As such, the workshop allows BOMA members the opportunity to consult with previous Earth Award recipients and ask questions regarding the Earth Award application, and to converse with associate members who could help with resource sustainability and, at the same time, help members increase their comparative advantage in the judging process.

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