Monday, March 28, 2011

Economic Recovery SF: Revitalize Central Market and Keep Twitter in San Francisco

BOMA San Francisco Members:

San Franciscans have an opportunity to keep a major local business in town and begin to improve a part of our City that has been in disrepair for far too long.

Legislation sponsored by Mayor Edwin Lee, Board of Supervisors President David Chiu, Supervisors Jane Kim, Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, and Carmen Chu will create a six year payroll tax exclusion for the salaries of new hires employed within the Mid-Market/Tenderloin neighborhood. This area runs roughly between 5th St and 10th St on Market.

Their plan will bring businesses to this area that will provide jobs and keep a major employer in San Francisco. Local businesses and merchants will reap the benefit of thousands of new workers right in the neighborhood.

The Central Market/Tenderloin Payroll Tax Exclusion will promote job growth and provide more opportunity for residents. It will help the city collect millions more in payroll taxes.

We need you to let the supervisors know that we want more jobs in San Francisco. Now is not the time to be shipping jobs off to San Mateo County. Please contact the Board of Supervisors to let them know that you support keeping jobs, businesses, and economic opportunities here in San Francisco. This legislation goes before the full Board of Supervisors on April 5, 2011.

Join Economic Recovery SF and help continue our economic recovery!

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