Monday, July 25, 2011

CAPSS Seminar: San Francisco's Earthquake History

BOMA San Francisco Members:

The overall CAPSS Workplan is now under development. Thank you for your written responses and many other comments about implementation priorities. The CAPSS team continues to welcome your comments—please call their office at (415) 554-4925 to discuss CAPSS issues or to get a copy of the Implemenation Priorities Worksheet. They look forward to sharing a draft of the CAPSS Workplan within the next few weeks.

Please join the CAPPS team this week at their Tuesday CAPSS seminar:
Tuesday, July 26, 10:30 AM. San Francisco’s Earthquake History, with Pat Buscovich, S.E.. Mr. Buscovich is a San Francisco structural engineer with a great interest in San Francisco's history. On Tuesday, he will lead a discussion about the history and impact of the many earthquakes and fires that have struck the Bay Area, and what we might expect in future seismic events. Please feel free to bring your own related questions to discuss. As usual, the seminar will take place in the CAPSS office, San Francisco City Hall, Room 34 and will be followed by a brown bag lunch. Everyone is invited; earthquake program staff and interns from around the Bay Area will be attending.

Future CAPSS Tuesday morning seminars include: 
  • Tuesday, August 2. Gaining Resilience by Reducing Damage to Equipment and Contents, with Peter Yanev. 
  • Tuesday, August 9. Historic Buildings and Earthquakes, with Alice Carey. 
  • Tuesday, August 16. Motivating the Public for Earthquake Hazard Mitigation, with Sharyl Rabinovici. 
  • Tuesday, August 23. Earthquake Insurance, with Janiele Maffei. 
  • Tuesday, August 30. Sustainability Benefits of Seismic Mitigation, with Matthew Comber. 

Some of these events may be held in other locations—please see future e-mail notices for details. The CAPSS team hopes that you will be able to join them for these exciting discussions.

For more information, please contact Mr. Laurence Kornfield with the CAPSS Earthquake Safety Implementation Program, at

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