Thursday, January 19, 2012

SFDBI 2012 Disabled Access Valuation Threshold

BOMA San Francisco Members:

Please note that the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection (SFDBI) has updated the Disabled Access Valuation Threshold for 2012 to $136,060.00 (from $132,536.28 in 2011) per 2007 California Building Code (CBC) Section 1134B.2.1 Exception 1, and will be updated again in January 2013.

Background - Disabled Access Valuation Threshold & Disabled Access 20% Rule

Based on CBC 1134B.2.1, Exception 1, only projects with a construction cost less than the valuation threshold (current ENR Construction Cost Index Amount) are eligible for the 20% rule, where the project must provide disabled access upgrades up to 20% of the cost of construction in the required priority as listed on page 2 of the Disabled Access Checklist.  In general, projects valued over the threshold are not eligible for the 20% rule (see CBC 1134.2.1 Exception 2 for a possible exception, below).

CBC 1134B.2.1 Exception 2 (abbreviated): In alteration projects involving buildings & facilities previously approved & built without elevators, areas above & below the ground floor are subject to the 20% disproportionality provisions described in Exception 1, even if the value of the project exceeds the valuation threshold in Exception 1.  Refer to the Code for the types of buildings & facilities that qualifies for this 20% disproportionality provisions when project valuation is over the threshold.

To access the SFDBI's Disabled Access Upgrade Compliance Package for Existing Buildings Only, please click here.  If you have any questions about the valuation threshold, or general disabled access issues, please contact the Department of Building Inspection at or (415) 558-6088.

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