Friday, August 10, 2012

BOMA San Francisco Members Tour the New SFPUC Headquarters

BOMA San Francisco members had the unique opportunity to tour the new headquarter building of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) recently. Please watch the video above for more information about this new treasure and click here for pictures of the tour.

BOMA Members get the full tour of the building - starting with the exterior!
About the SFPUC

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is a department of the City and County of San Francisco that provides retail drinking water and wastewater services to San Francisco, wholesale water to three Bay Area counties, and green hydroelectric and solar power to San Francisco's municipal departments.

We are comprised of three essential 24/7 service utilities: Water, Wastewater and Power. These functions are supported by the Business Services, Infrastructure and External Affairs bureaus.

525 Golden Gate Project Facts
  • 13-story Class A office building
  • 277,500 square feet
  • Houses over 900 employees
  • Approximately 40% of project construction work performed by San Francisco residents
  • Construction costs: $146.5 million
  • Total project costs (includes moving, design, permitting, etc.): $201.6 million
  • $3.7 billion in ratepayer savings ($500M in 2011 dollars) over the 100-year building lifespan
Green Building Features
  • 525 Golden Gate consumes 32% less energy than similarly-sized office buildings.
  • An integrated, hybrid solar array and wind turbine installation can generate up to 227,000 kWh/year or 7% of the building’s energy needs
  • A state-of-the-art raised flooring system incorporates the building’s data and ventilation infrastructure and reduces heating, cooling and ventilation energy costs by 51%
  • Maximizing daylight harvesting saves electricity and minimizes artificial lighting
  • Lighting and work station equipment shutoff automatically after-hours
525 Golden Gate consumes 60% less water than similarly sized buildings.
  • One of the first buildings in the nation with onsite treatment of gray and black water
  • An onsite “Living Machine” reclaims and treats all of the building’s wastewater to satisfy 100% of the water demand for the building’s low-flow toilets and urinals
  • The “Living Machine” system treats 5,000 gallons of wastewater per day and reduces per person water consumption from 12 gallons (normal office building) to 5 gallons
  • The building’s rainwater harvesting system can store up to 250,000 gallons of water per year for use by the exterior irrigations systems
525 Golden Gate’s carbon footprint is 50% less than similarly-sized office buildings.
  • Green concrete mixture using environmentally friendly materials
  • Parking is limited to four spaces to promote alternative transportation and lower greenhouse gas emissions as part of SF’s Transit First policy
  • Extensive use of recycled materials throughout the building
Commonsense Ratepayer Savings

Over the 100-year lifespan of the building, 525 Golden Gate will save ratepayers money.
In total, asset/building ownership will realize future ratepayers approximately $3.7 billion in savings over the expected useful life of the building; that’s $500 million in 2011 dollars
In 26 years, owning 525 Golden Gate will become cheaper than renting
Building ownership insulates ratepayers from the expensive, and often, unpredictable San Francisco office-space rental market

Unique Seismic Safety Features

525 Golden Gate is one of the safest buildings in San Francisco.
  • The building’s core contains innovative post tension systems that allow the entire structure to move and absorb energy during a seismic event, much like a suspension bridge
  • Not only is 525 Golden Gate immediately available for occupancy after an earthquake, but because of the unique concrete shear walls running vertically through the building, any damage should be negligible

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