Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Transbay Transit Center Notice: 24-Hour Work & Street Closure - Labor Day Weekend

BOMA San Francisco Members:

A full street closure of Fremont Street between Mission and Howard Streets will take place on Labor Day weekend and will require 24-hour work to install the second of the three traffic bridges in the project area. During this 24-hour work, the TJPA has been granted a noise variance from the City of San Francisco allowing demolition of the existing roadway as well as the installation of the steel traffic bridge. This work must occur on a 24-hour basis due to the disruption of the entire street and the City’s restrictions regarding full closures of Fremont Street.

Beginning Friday, August 31 at 10:00 a.m., Fremont Street will be closed for the duration of Labor Day weekend and will reopen at 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 4. 

During this time work is permitted 24-hours a day. The work taking place will include the demolition of the existing road and concrete base, the installation of the traffic bridge using two cranes, and paving of the traffic bridge. All significant equipment is provided with proper mufflers and acoustical shrouds. Backup alarms on all construction equipment owned or rented by the contractors on the site to be equipped with broadband backup alarms, which are less intrusive than standard backup alarms. For equipment owned or rented by contractors on the site, standard backup alarms are only allowed on cranes, where they are necessary due to safety considerations. Cranes will be equipped with ambient sensitive alarms in order to minimize the amount of noise they generate.

Work will commence on Friday prior to noon when contractors will begin to demolish the street using an excavator and breaker, which will be the loudest portion of the installation. During the day on Saturday, and into the evening, contractors will work to set the six different bridge sections. During the late night hours into the early morning on Sunday, contractors will be bolting and welding the bridges sections together. Once the bridge is connected, the crew will begin paving the bridge in anticipation of its re-opening early Tuesday morning.

While the TJPA will make every effort to minimize impact to neighbors around the project, the bridge installation will be a significant noise producing operation, in particular the demolition of the existing road and underground structures, and assembling and setting the bridge. In order to complete this activity under the tight time restrictions, the contractor will have to work around the clock. This will include some noise-generating activities during the evening hours as well.

For general questions regarding the Transbay Project please contact Stephanie Reichin or Adam Alberti at (415) 227-9700. For site specific questions please call the TJPA hotline at (415) 409-TJPA.

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