Friday, March 29, 2013

BOMA California Update - Proposition 13 Split Roll Tax Propositions

BOMA Members:

A number of Proposition 13 split roll related tax propositions are moving through the California State Legislature in 2013.  BOMA California representatives and members are tirelessly educating the state's elected officials on how Proposition 13 works, the economic effects of adopting a split roll tax as well as how it would increase property taxes on businesses by about six billion dollars.   The main argument is that Proposition 13 is working exactly the way it was intended: It doesn't allow huge yearly reassessments and tax increases without solid justification and broad voter support, and keeping property taxes stable and predictable.

Here are the 12 bills BOMA California has identified as Prop 13/Split Roll issues:

AB 59 - (Bonta D) School districts: parcel taxes.
AB 188 - (Ammiano D) Property taxation: change in ownership.
AB 561 - (Ting D) Taxation: documentary transfer tax.
ACA 3 - (Campos D) Local government financing: public safety services: voter approval.
ACA 6 - (Gatto D) Initiatives: constitutional amendments: voter approval.
ACA 8 - (Blumenfield D) Local government financing: voter approval.
SCA 3 - (Leno D) Taxation: educational entities: parcel tax.
SCA 4 - (Liu D) Local government transportation projects: special taxes: voter approval.
SCA 7 - (Wolk D) Local government financing: public libraries: voter approval.
SCA 8 - (Corbett D) Transportation projects: special taxes: voter approval.
SCA 9 - (Corbett D) Local government: economic development: special taxes: voter approval.
SCA 11 - (Hancock D) Local government: special taxes: voter approval.

More information on how these measures proceed in the next few months will be reported here.

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