Monday, April 1, 2013

San Francisco Transfer of Development Rights Legislation

BOMA San Francisco Members,

BOMA supports legislation that unanimously passed out of a recent Land Use and Economic Development Committee meeting: Planning, Administrative Codes - Transfer of Development Rights introduced by Supervisor David Chiu.

The proposed changes would allow Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) to be transferred freely across the C-3/adjacent Districts. At present, the transfer is restricted to the same C-3 District (e.g., a C-3-O, or C-3-R District and the Development Lot is located in the C-3-O(SD) Special Development District) and, as such, the Planning Department believes the market for TDRs is currently gridlocked. By allowing increased flexibility, more properties will be able to sell and use the TDR market. Facilitating TDRs will both protect and restore additional historic buildings, and permit desired job and housing growth Downtown.

Please email and with any feedback you may have.

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