Friday, April 19, 2013

Assessor-Recorder Carmen Chu Announces Electronic Recording Program for Real Property Records

BOMA San Francisco Members:

Please note that authorized submitters will be able to submit documents to the San Francisco County Assessor-Recorder’s Office through an Electronic Recording Delivery System (ERDS or eRecording).

eRecording is the electronic submission of official documents for recording from an outside source to the Recorder's Division. An authorized submitter may be a title insurer, title company, institutional lender or government entity. San Francisco is currently designated as an 'agent only' county meaning that the authorized submitters have to work with agents who are certified and approved by the State of California Department of Justice (DOJ) in order to transmit documents to us electronically.

Prior to eRecording, title companies and others needed to submit a volume of documents to be recorded in person with the Assessor-Recorder’s office. By transitioning to a paperless system, the new eRecording process simplifies these transactions by allowing users to submit documents from the convenience of their office computer and eliminating the potential for lost or missed forms.
Additionally, e-Recording increases efficiency with quicker pricing, recording, and acknowledgement of documents.

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