Tuesday, December 10, 2013

BOMA California 2013 Year End Legislative Synopsis

The California commercial real estate industry had great successes during the 2013 California State legislative session on a number of key issues: the implementation of major reforms to the state’s ADA law, stopping several efforts to advance split roll property tax and reforming the way building codes are written. 

Take a moment to review the full list by clicking here, to see how BOMA California advocates for member interests in Sacramento.  The following are the chaptered bills that BOMA California members supported and those measures that they opposed and were subsequently defeated or vetoed.   Please click here to find more information about how an individual bill proceeded through the legislative process.

Supported Bills Signed Into Law
  • AB 227 (Gatto-D) Curbs certain frivolous lawsuits related to Prop. 65 signs. Signed into law.
  • AB 341 (Dickinson-D) Makes compliance with the CA Green Building Code (CALGreen) easier by integrating into the California Building Code. Signed into law.
  • AB 483 (Ting-D) Fixes an ambiguity in Prop 26 threatening ability to privately fund marketing and promotional activities in BID/TMDs. Signed into law.
  • AB 1092 (Levine-D) Statewide standards for installation of future electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Signed into law.
  • SB 401 (Hueso-D) Requires cost reporting for new non-residential building standards before they are adopted. Signed into law.
  • SB 752 (Roth-D) Enacts a separate statute that would govern only non-residential CIDs. Signed into law.
Opposed Bills Defeated/Vetoed
  • AB 5 (Ammiano-D) “the Homeless Person's Bill of Rights and Fairness Act.” Bill is dead.
  • AB 59 (Bonta-D) Authorized local de facto Split Roll Parcel Taxes. Bill is dead.
  • AB 188 (Ammiano-D) Split Roll Change in Ownership. Bill is dead.
  • AB 203 (Stone-D) Sought to allow staff of the Coastal Commission to halt processing of a permit application if staff claims a violation exists on the property. Bill is dead.
  • AB 561 (Ting-D) Proposed new “change in ownership” for documentary transfer tax. Bill is dead.
  • 55% Property Tax Bills; several measures that sought to change the California Constitution to make it easier for local governments to impose new property taxes (SCA 3, SCA 4, SCA 7, SCA 9, SCA 11). All bills stalled for the year.
  • AB 667 (Hernandez-D) referred to as the “Big Box Ban,” created another layer of bureaucracy for local governments when approving project. Bill is dead.
  • AB 880 (Gomez-D) Created additional penalties on employers as part of implementing the Federal Affordable Care Act. Bill is dead.
  • AB 1229 (Atkins-D) Allowed imposition of price-controls on new market-rate residential construction. Bill was vetoed.
  • AB 1330 (Speaker Perez–D) “Green Zone Trust Fund,” funded by civil and criminal fines and penalties exacted on new/existing buildings. Bill is dead.
  • SB 391 (DeSaulnier-D) Imposed a $75 fee for recording real-property documents. Bill is dead.
  • SB 673 (DeSaulnier-D) required development projects that receive public subsidies to complete a dublicative state-mandated economic impact reports. Bill is dead.
  • AB 976 (Atkins-D) Expanded Coastal Commission’s enforcement authority allowing the imposition of administrative civil penalties for alleged violations. Bill is dead.

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