Monday, February 24, 2014

BOMA International Advocacy Update - BOMA Policy Positions on Electronic Cigarettes and EV Charging Stations Receive Approval

New BOMA International Policy Positions on E-Cigarettes and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

At BOMA International’s Winter Business Meeting and National Issues Conference recently, the Board of Governors approved new policy positions on electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and electric vehicle charging stations.  The two positions were previously approved by BOMA International’s Government Affairs Committee.

The first new policy addresses the emergence of electronic cigarettes. BOMA International supports the rights of building owners to establish appropriate policies and procedures in their buildings, subject to prevailing federal, state and local laws.  The second new policy addresses electric vehicle charging stations.  BOMA supports the rights of property owners to decide whether or not to install EV charging stations at parking facilities and opposes any mandates for the provision of EV charging stations or EV-ready infrastructure.  BOMA believes the free market will meet the growing demand.

Full text of both the e-cigarette and electric vehicle charging station policy positions can be found on BOMA’s website.

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