Monday, March 17, 2014

BOMA California Advocacy Update - CALGreen Building Code Update & 2014 Legislation Review

BOMA San Francisco Members:

Please take a moment to review the latest BOMA California updates to the CALGreen building code and a request from our advocates in Sacramento to assist them in reviewing proposed legislation that may impact the California commercial real estate industry.  Questions?  Please email Matthew HargroveKen Cleaveland, and John Bozeman.

CALGreen Update Begins; Construction Waste Proposal Withdrawn

Recently, the California Building Standards Commission Green Code Advisory Committee discussed a range of proposals for the interim building code update.  Ideas that emerge from these amendments impact almost everything from electric vehicle charging station ratios and installation, to indoor air quality, and water efficiency guidelines to name a few.

As required by industry-sponsored legislation, state agencies proposing to amend the state building codes must first have their code change proposal heard by at least one of the BSC’s Code Advisory Committees (CAC).  These advisory committees then provide the proposing agency and the commission with advice on whether the code change should be rejected, approved, or approved with amendments.

Due to the objection of industry representatives and the enforcement community, the Building Standards Commission did withdrawal a proposal to increase the amount of construction waste and debris which must be recycled or reused.  State law and the California Green Building Code currently require at least 50% of construction waste and debris to be recycled or reused.  The BSC had proposed to increase this percentage to 65% starting July of 2015, a year and a half ahead of the schedule previously announced.

Industry and the enforcement community objected over the lack of adequate cost impact data and the fact that mixed-use projects would be dealing with two different standards for the same project.  Since the BSC chose to withdraw this proposal, it will not move forward and cannot be heard at the July BSC Adoption Hearing.

This is an ongoing process.  Proposals are technical and complicated.  BOMA California member participation is highly encouraged.  Here are the non-residential changes that were discussed: California Building Standards Commission (BSC 06/13) - Amend the triennial edition of the 2013 California Green Building Standards Code, Title 24, Part 11.

2014 California State Legislation Review - Commercial Real Estate Experts Needed

In 2013, BOMA California followed more than 250 bills that had a potential impact on our industry. Many of those bills did not make it through the process or were amended in a way that resolved our concerns. The cycle starts over again in 2014. BOMA staff and members are reading every proposal to identify those issues that may have an impact our industry.  This process can only be effective if we have our BOMA industry experts (like you!) to help.

As a BOMA member, if you hear of any issue or bill in Sacramento that may be of concern to you, please inform our BOMA California advocate, Matthew Hargrove with the bill number, or just the subject matter, and he will research the issue.  This process prevents an impactful measure - either positively or negatively - from passing without being reviewed by BOMA's commercial real estate member experts.

An industry wide meeting with representatives from all the major commercial real estate groups active in California will gather on April 3, 2014 to review all bills and determine policy direction. If you are interested in participating please email Mr. Hargrove.

Click here for more information from BOMA California.

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