Tuesday, May 6, 2014

David Chiu - The Right Choice For San Francisco's Next California Assembly Member

BOMA San Francisco Members:

BOMA San Francisco is proud to announce its endorsement of David Chiu, current President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, for the California Assembly seat being vacated by Tom Ammiano.

Assembly District 17 represents most of the eastern and southern portions of San Francisco. He is being opposed by fellow SF Supervisor David Campos.  As an organization of commercial real estate owners, managers, and service providers, BOMA always values political leaders who can get things accomplished. Not just talk the walk, but walk it.
David Chiu and BOMA SF-PAC Chair, Kathy Mattes

David Chiu has consistently been in the forefront of crafting coalitions that come to a positive result: action. He supported the rebuild of the Park Merced project that will add much housing to the westside. He likewise supported the Hunter’s Point shipyard redevelopment that will breathe new vitality into that portion of San Francisco while producing much needed housing. He was the architect of the agreement that preserved the California Pacific Medical Center project from falling apart and he supported the Mid-Market tax credit legislation that has stimulated new businesses and residential growth in that long-distressed part of our city.

Supervisor Chiu knows BOMA and has worked with our organization on several issues directly impacting our industry including devising a means to assist small tenants with their accessibility requirements, and supporting an end to the requirement for air replenishment systems installations in new buildings when firefighters and owners preferred a more effective alternative (protected dedicated elevators).

David Chiu has been a small businessman, and understands the value to our city of creating successful businesses, growing the economy, and creating good paying jobs. He is a skilled legislator who will represent all segments of our diverse city admirably and fairly.

David Chiu is BOMA’s choice for California State Assembly.

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