Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Monique Moyer, Executive Director of the Port of San Francisco, Awarded as BOMA's Public Official of the Year

On occasion, when there are deserving candidates, BOMA San Francisco selects someone in government to be recognized as our Public Official of the Year. We’ve presented this award to elected officials, and sometimes we have recognized City Department heads or administrative personnel.  Recommendations for award recipients typically emanate through BOMA’s Governmental Affairs Policy Advisory Committee, or via our Political Action Committee.

L to R: Ken Cleaveland, Monique Moyer and Blake Peterson
This year we have chosen to recognize, as BOMA’s 2014 Public Official of the Year, the Executive Director of the Port of San Francisco, Monique Moyer. With this award, we acknowledge Monique for her strong support of the public/private partnerships she has used to enhance and improve the city’s Port property. In her 10 years of leadership as the Port’s Executive Director, Monique Moyer has overseen major projects like the Giants ball park, the rehabilitation of the Ferry Building, the opening of the new, world-class cruise ship terminal, and the rebirth of the Exploratorium on the waterfront.

Blake Peterson, BOMA San Francisco's 2015 President, and Marc Intermaggio, BOMA San Francisco's Executive Vice President presented the Public Official of the Year award to Monique - well deserved!

About Monique Moyer

Appointed by former Mayor Gavin Newsom in 2004, Monique serves at the pleasure of current Mayor Edwin Lee and a 5-member Port Commission. Ms. Moyer is the second woman to serve as Executive Director in the Port’s 151-year history and one of only 3 female port directors nationwide (out of 85). Ms. Moyer is the longest-serving Port Director since the Port transferred to the City & County of San Francisco in 1969.

The Port of San Francisco is a self-revenue generating agency of the City & County of San Francisco and manages a broad range of commercial, maritime and public-access facilities along the city’s waterfront. The Port of San Francisco is 7½ miles and is home to a fishing fleet, cruise ships, Fisherman’s Wharf, the SF Giants’ ballpark and many other entrepreneurial entities and water spots. Ms. Moyer manages a staff of 235 and a budget of $70 million.

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