Tuesday, November 1, 2016

BOMA San Francisco Welcomes San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee

BOMA San Francisco's Monthly Member Luncheon was held recently and our speaker was the honorable San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. Mayor Lee spoke about a number of important issues; here are the highlights:
  • November 2016 Election
  • Investing in San Francisco
    • The Mayor wants to support the traditional San Francisco values that we all hold dear while keeping the city competitive in global marketplace.
    • He wants to create a resilient city that can weather any economic changes.
      • The key is a diverse economic base - hospitality and tourism is our number 1 industry; technology is number 3.
    • Building a local manufacturing base is also important.
    • Homelessness
      • An issue although San Francisco, with its many programs and services to help those in need, are better off than other West Coast cities.
      • By the end of 2016, San Francisco will end veteran homelessness.
      • The key to helping homeless folks is to get them into long-term housing and connecting them to the communities where they originated from.

We thank Mayor Ed Lee for taking time out of his demanding schedule to speak to BOMA San Francisco members.

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