Friday, October 5, 2018

UPDATE: San Francisco's Better Market Street Project

BOMA San Francisco's members along Market Street and adjacent streets have been well-represented by Jose Guevara, long-time volunteer of the association. Jose is BOMA's representative monitoring the Better Market Street Project.

Here is the current status of of the BMSP:
  • Master design 100% complete 
    • Overall concept for street design 
    • Replacement of sidewalk brick with concrete pavers 
    • Sidewalk width to be reduced and standardized 
    • Replacement of historical street lamps/poles with new replicas 
    • All trees to be replaced (with less locations)
    • Muni stops 
    • Delivery zones 
    • Landscape locations 
    • Standard kiosk design for all locations 
    • Start at Octavia Street to the Embarcadero
  • Detailed design 15% complete 
    • Pavers (style/material/size/color) not yet selected 
    • Landscape areas design/plants/maintenance not yet determined 
    • Bike lanes and associated barrier not yet determined 
    • Utility lines replacement coordination not yet done 
    • Coordination with Muni, BART, newspaper rack vendor, kiosk vendors, City services etc not yet initiated
    • Design of kiosks not yet addressed
    • Design of Muni stops and delivery locations still in discussion
    • Project to be done in sections: 
      • No determined sequence yet: 
      • Octavia to Van Ness
      • Civic Center (Van Ness to 6th) 
      • Mid-Market (6th to 3rd) 
      • 3rd to Fremont 
      • Fremont to the Embarcadero 
  • Expected activity 
    • Excavation (trenches the size of a small truck) to start in August on Market street at various locations to identify utility (type/lines/boxes) location to determine how to reroute. 
    • Design to be tested initially on Market from 8th Street to 6th Street. Test phase projected to start within the next 6 months.

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