Monday, April 15, 2019

San Francisco Planning Department Debuts Business Zoning Check Service

San Francisco Planning has launched an interactive web feature, Symbium’s BUILD for Business, that allows users to easily determine whether their proposed business is permitted in a specified location, search for all locations it is permitted in San Francisco under applicable zoning regulations, and learn more about required steps in the application process.

“Opening a business can be challenging for any number of reasons, including navigating multiple zoning, licensing, and permitting regulations,” said John Rahaim, Director of San Francisco Planning. “This service will be a significant asset in helping planners and the public more easily find the information they need and better understand how the code applies to properties.”

To accurately determine whether a business is permitted, users are guided through an interactive dialogue regarding details about their business, including specific location, type of business, which floor the business is located, and whether the business is considered formula retail. Users will then be informed, through interactive map visualizations, whether the business is permitted, if a Conditional Use permit is required, if there is mandatory Discretionary Review, or if it is simply not permitted. Users who do not have a specific location in mind can instantly visualize the areas, throughout San Francisco, where their business is permitted. The tool also provides clear definitions of relevant terms and detailed information on required process and applicable programs.

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