Monday, April 12, 2010

Fix Muni Now - Sign the Petition!

BOMA San Francisco Members:

Thanks to the tenacious efforts of Supervisor Sean Elsbernd, the campaign to Fix Muni Now has officially begun to collect signatures to place the Muni reform measure on the November 2010 ballot. San Franciscans from all across the City are clamoring to sign the petition that will finally lead to better service and a more stable transit system for all residents.

Certainly, San Francisco can be proud of its work to provide a world-class transit system that delivers riders to almost every corner of our City.  But all too often, the rules that govern the funding, the routes and whether your bus arrives on time, get in the way of providing the transit services riders need.  San Franciscans have put up with late buses, the threat of fare hikes and service cuts for far too long without the recourse to make real changes that will improve service.

Until Now.

To protect against unjust fare increases and unnecessary service cuts, Supervisor Elsbernd is asking those San Franciscans who are registered voters to take matters into their own hands by gathering signatures to place this Muni reform measure on the November 2010 ballot.

In short, he needs your help to collect signatures!  If you're a resident of San Francisco and a registered voter here are some of the ways you can help:
  • Ask your family, friends and colleagues who are registered to vote in San Francisco to sign the form.
  • Grab a friend and gather signatures outside your favorite grocery store, coffee house or neighborhood gathering spot.
  • Join their Facebook page or follow the group on Twitter to get the latest news or meet up with other signature collectors.
The petitions are due on July 6 at the latest, and should be returned to PO Box 192023, San Francisco, CA 94119. 

Go to to sign a petition and help Supervisor Elsbernd collect the signatures needed to get this on the ballot.

You can also call the Fix Muni Now coordinator at (415) 640-7278, or via email at, and petitions will be sent out to you right away.

How Will This Ballot Measure Improve Muni Service?

The ballot measure will help improve Muni service in a number of ways.  It would:
  • Require collective bargaining between labor and management to set pay, benefits, and work rules--exactly the same process that every other union in the city follows; 
  • Will give the SFMTA the ability to negotiate work rules that have led to high rates of absenteeism resulting in missed runs; 
  • Will make Muni run more efficiently to avoid fare increases and service cuts to routes;
  • Lastly, it ill eliminate the current City Charter provision requiring the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) to set operator wages at the average rate of the two highest paying transit agencies in the country.  

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