Monday, April 19, 2010

PG&E - Peak Day Pricing Information

BOMA San Francisco Members:

Starting on May 1, 2010, default PG&E electricity rates for all business and agricultural customers are changing.  Peak Day Pricing (PDP) is a demand response pricing plan being rolled out to complement current time-of-use pricing or replace flat pricing. PDP provides lower energy prices during the summer in exchange for higher rates on 9 to 15 peak event days per year.

Customer classes who will begin transitioning on to PDP on May 1, 2010 include Large Commercial and Industrial customers with an energy demand greater than or equal to 200kW, current commercial SmartRate™ participants, and current Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) participants. Other customer groups will transition later.  Customers may choose not to participate in PDP and remain on a Time of Use Rate. Customers who are already enrolled in the Direct Access and/or Demand Response programs will not be automatically enrolled in PDP.

For assistance in preparing for this new pricing plan and/or selecting the most advantageous pricing plan and/or program for your energy use patterns, contact your PG&E Account Manager, call 1-800-987-4923, or go to for more information.

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