Friday, August 27, 2010

BOMA San Francisco Member Buildings Voluntarily Cut Power During Heat Wave

During peak power demands this week, downtown commercial building operators voluntarily cut back electricity, thanks to BOMA San Francsico's participation in PG&E’s demand response program.

“On a demand response day, a tenant who walks into a building and notices that the lights are dimmed, then sees the sign in the lobby that reads ‘Today is an energy curtailment day,’ knows that means his building is a part of the energy solution,” says Blake Peterson, senior property manager for Ashforth Pacific and vice chair of BOMA San Francisco’s Energy and Environment Committee.

Peterson says PG&E statistics show that to date this year, demand response programs have significantly cut carbon in the atmosphere. “The programs have saved approximately 769,600 kWh this year, the equivalent of 430,379 lbs of C02. We’re reducing carbon usage and utility expenses, while sending a message of goodwill to our tenants,” she says.

“BOMA’s leadership in standard setting and performance evaluation for commercial building operations is well respected. Participants in our programs save money for tenants and enhance asset value for owners and investors,” says Thomas Kruggel, BOMA San Francisco President.

Adds BOMA Executive Vice President Marc Intermaggio, “When it comes to energy and the environment, BOMA and its members lead the way with meaningful solutions to problems and concerns. We have the best trained and most competent real estate managers and building engineers on the planet, right here!”

Thank you BOMA San Francisco members for reducing your power consumption during this past week's record-breaking highs!

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