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UPDATE: BOMA San Francisco's Emergency Preparedness Seminar - September 15, 2010

UPDATE - As of September 15, 2010

BOMA San Francisco's 2nd Annual Emergency Preparedness Seminar was held today.  Thank you to everyone who attended this morning's event--it was very informative and included a guest appearance by Mayor Gavin Newsom.  Please enjoy a few pictures from the seminar, below:

Tom Gille, COO with CAC Real Estate Management Co., Inc.  Tom spoke about how property managers and owners can take action before disaster strikes.

Peter Franklin, Chair of BOMA San Francisco's Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC), elucidated on BOMA San Francisco's emergency preparedness scenarios, with participating public agencies, enacted from 2007 through 2011.

David Starkey, Asset Manager for Kilroy Reality Management at 303 Second Street provided information about the drill from a property management/tenant perspective.

Mayor Gavin Newsom, spoke to seminar attendees about the importance of emergency preparedness from the perspective of the City and County of San Francisco.  Visit for more information.

Lt. Ed Cota, San Francisco Police Department, spoke about the SFPD's role in the 303 Second Street Active Shooter Drill and what a property manager should expect if the SFPD is called to an incident in their building.

Jennifer Tomaselli, Chair, BOMA EPC Event Planning and Management  (right) provided commentary on her experience as an evaluator of the active shooter drill at 303 Second Street.  Monique Scott, Vice-Chair of the BOMA EPC (left of Tomaselli) provided her thoughts on the logistics of planning the drill.

Thank you again to our sponsors!  


UPDATE - As of September 9, 2010

The San Francisco Examiner featured a story (page 8) today, September 9, 2010 on BOMA San Francisco's Emergency Preparedness Seminar.  Please click here to read the full story and here to register for the seminar.

We hope to see you there.  Space is limited; register today!

Original Post - August 18, 2010

BOMA San Francisco Members:

BOMA San Francisco's Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) held its 2nd Annual Emergency Preparedness Drill at 303 Second Street on August 18, 2010.  BOMA partnered with the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) and the building management to simulate an 'active shooter' and hostage situation in the building in order to test the emergency preparedness plan at 303 Second Street, as well as help the SFPD test their response to the emergency.

Thank you to the building management team at 303 Second Street, the members of the BOMA San Francisco Emergency Preparedness Committee and the SFPD for their invaluable efforts and involvement.

If you're curious as to what happened during the drill and what lessons were learned, please consider attending BOMA San Francisco's 2nd Annual Emergency Preparedness Seminar on September 15, 2010 at the Ferry Building's Port Commission Hearing Room from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.   Click here to register today!

About BOMA San Francisco's 2nd Annual Emergency Preparedness Seminar:
The BOMA San Francisco Emergency Preparedness Committee's 2nd Annual Emergency Preparedness Seminar is generously sposored by these fine BOMA members (in alphabetical order). Click on the image to visit their website!:


David Starkey, General Manager of 303 Second Street
Peter Franklin, Director of Security, The Pyramid Center (Ret.)
Tom Gille, COO, CAC Real Estate Management Co., Inc
Michael Cummings, Private Sector Liaison, San Francisco Department of Emergency Management
Representative from the San Francisco Police Department

Other speakers TBA soon!

Members: $85.00, Non-members: $105.00

Register for BOMA San Francisco's 2nd Annual Emergency Preparedness Seminar TODAY!

This information-packed emergency preparedness seminar has been produced for property and facilities managers and their security staff. Attendees will be able to learn about:
  • The emergency preparedness obligations of building owners and property managers;
  • Lessons learned from BOMA San Francisco’s 2010 Active Shooter Drill at 303 2nd Street and previous year's drills;
  • Resources to help YOU be better educated and prepared for such emergencies.

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