Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BOMA San Francisco Association Celebrates 100th Anniversary

For more information on the role BOMA played in The City’s economic history over the past century, click here.

BOMA San Francisco Members:

BOMA San Francisco celebrated its role in shaping The City’s commercial landscape at a Gala Centennial recently at the Palace Hotel. Rising from the rubble of the San Francisco fire and earthquake more than a century ago, BOMA has supported the development of the world‐class downtown.

BOMA received accolades from the U.S. Congress, the State of California and the City and County of San Francisco for leadership in fostering commerce and economic development in The City since 1911, when the commercial real estate industry began building one of the world’s most iconic cities from the devastation of 1906.

“We’re 100 years old, but so what? Woody Allen once said that '80 percent of success in life is just showing up.’ But I don’t buy it. And for us, we have done far more than simply show up. What’s important is making a difference. What’s important is creating meaning,” said BOMA Executive Vice President Marc Intermaggio, who has headed the BOMA professional staff for almost three decades.

“Does BOMA make a difference? In so many aspects of our industry’s evolution and in the enrichment of the communities in which we operate, I believe we do. Do we, individually, and do our members collectively, create meaning? With this incredible, enduring community that we’re all a part of, and the way in which we continually share with and learn from one another, I believe we do. Together we have done so much to help each other achieve personal success, accomplish corporate goals, and advance our industry. We don’t just show up – we arrive ready for action, and we are doers.”

Looking ahead into the 21st century, Intermaggio added, “And we’re not stopping to rest on our past achievements! The challenges and opportunities that now face us are as great as those we met and overcame during the last century, but our membership has proven that it has the right stuff to continue to do whatever is necessary to keep San Francisco in the forefront of great cities in which to do business.”

BOMA represents most of the commercial office buildings in San Francisco and also real estate in Sonoma, Marin and San Mateo counties. More than 650 gathered at the Palace Hotel for BOMA’s Centennial Gala May 19.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, on hand for the celebration, credited BOMA with leadership in greening San Francisco’s commercial buildings as well as for its annual toy drive for underprivileged children that has helped donate more than 1 million toys. He declared May 19, 2011 “BOMA Day” in San Francisco.

The mayor noted that the commercial office buildings industry, which BOMA represents, paid almost $1.8 billion over the past decade in San Francisco property taxes and contributes $2.5 billion annually to the local economy and provides more than 14,000 jobs.

Beyond that, Lee said, “BOMA has been a leading proponent of sustainable practices, encouraging composting, recycling, indoor air quality and adoption of energy and water conservation measures.”

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a state proclamation commending BOMA for “promoting excellence in commercial building operations through innovative programs such as its BOMA 360 Performance certification, its Seven Point Energy Reduction Challenge and its Energy Star benchmarking program.”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein issued a U.S. Senate Certificate of Commendation for BOMA saying, “You provide local jobs and are an important organization in representing and protecting property owner rights. These are significant contributions to our community, our future and the economy.”

Congresswoman Jackie Speier, who attended the gala, said, “Healthy commercial real estate provides homes for countless businesses that employ our workforce. BOMA always strives to create better work environments for our future generations. It has been honored for its progressive environmental policies.” She added, that “for 20 years BOMA has partnered with the San Francisco Fire Department and put big smiles on children’s faces. The San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program is the oldest program of its kind in the country and BOMA’s members have donated over a million toys to disadvantaged children through that Program.” The U.S. House of Representatives honored BOMA San Francisco on May 19.

State Senators Mark Leno and Leland Yee added to the commendations by saying that BOMA “has made significant contributions to the growth and development of the office building industry through its training programs for commercial property managers and the recruitment of new persons into the industry.”

For more information on the role BOMA played in The City’s economic history over the past century, click here.

Photographs from the Gala

L to R: Marc Intermaggio; Mayor Ed Lee and Ken Cleaveland

Photos from BOMA San Francisco's May 19 Centennial Gala are now available to view and order through Shutterfly.com. The first album contains the photos taken by the professional photographers. The second album contains photos taken by staff/members. If you wish to order prints, simply create your own Shutterfly account and follow the ordering procedures. Follow the instructions below to access the albums. Should you have any questions, please contact Wendy de Lara 415-362-2662 x110.

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