Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety (CAPSS) Implementation Priority Worksheets

BOMA San Francisco Members:

The CAPSS Implementation Project continues to gain momentum through the efforts of City staff and enthusiastic and skilled summer graduate student interns. Please drop by to visit them in their new San Francisco City Hall CAPSS Headquarters in Room 034.

CAPSS urgently needs your help at this critical stage of the CAPSS program implementation. Please help them develop the long-range CAPSS Implementation Workplan by providing your suggestions about implementation priorities and related timeframes on our Worksheets.

Download the Worksheets from in Microsoft Word format. Instructions are inside the file.

Each Worksheet contains notes related to implementation of each of the recommendations contained in the CAPSS report. These notes present new information and ideas that were not part of the previous CAPSS reports. The notes are not objective analyses, but represent the opinions of CAPSS staff about issues that may impact actual implementation. More information about many tasks is available in the CAPSS reports and in the Technical Documentation sections.

They are interested in your comments as well, and have provided a place for comments in the Worksheets.

Implementing all of the CAPSS Recommendations will take decades. On the worksheets, a thirty year period has been divided into five-year increments, with CAPSS implementation work to be apportioned in these five-year increments based on policy decisions about priorities, resources available, and other factors. Some tasks, such as public education and outreach programs, may continue for decades or even over the entire program. Feel free to propose implementation timeframes that extend beyond a single five-year time period or beyond thirty years.

This is a long and complex document, so please dedicate at least one full hour to reading the materials and responding with priorities for each of the CAPSS tasks.

While they value the opinions and comments of all interested persons, they are particularly interested in the opinions of persons who have been active CAPSS program participants and who will be most directly impacted by this implementation work. Your responses will help create the draft CAPSS Implementation Workplan that will be discussed at the July 13th CAPSS meeting to be held at 1660 Mission Street, room 2001, from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Many thanks for your help in this difficult but important CAPSS task and for your continued assistance in making San Francisco a resilient city.

For more information on CAPSS, please contact Mr. Laurence Kornfield at

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