Monday, June 18, 2012

Supervisor David Campos Speaks to BOMA Government and Public Affairs Committee Members

Supervisor David Campos

BOMA San Francisco Members:

BOMA San Francisco's Government and Public Affairs Committee (GAPAC) welcomed Supervisor David Campos recently.  Mr. Campos provided an update of this work in District 9, City Hall and on other issues that are of concern to BOMA members:

  • Business Issues
    • While the Supervisor is forthright about his, as he stated, "progressive pedigree," Mr. Campos mentioned his willingness to engage with all stakeholders early and often to avoid unnecessary contests.
  • Payroll Tax Break For Small Businesses
    • Mr. Campos cosponsored legislation with Supervisor Mark Farrell that allows any business with a payroll under $500,000 to expand its payroll by $250,000 without having to pay the city's 1.5 percent payroll tax.
  • Rank Choice Voting 
    • He is supportive of the current election system in San Francisco is "open to a discussion on improvements to...the system."  
  • San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)
    • He continues to work to curtail overtime and systemic budget issues that, in his view, hinder the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) from delivering transportation service to its customers.  The Supervisor has a good working relationship with Ed Reiskin, the Director of Transportation for the SFMTA (appointed in July 2011; Mr. Reiskin previously was the Director of the Department of Public Works), and mentioned that what the SFMTA needs is management support.  "Ed Reiskin gets that the [SFMTA] needs a manager" said Campos.
About David Campos

Supervisor David Campos is a native of Puerto Barrios (Izabal), Guatemala, who came to the U.S. (with his parents and two sisters) when he was 14. Although he did not speak the language, David excelled in school, graduating at the top of his class from Jefferson High School, in South Central Los Angeles. David earned scholarships to Stanford University and Harvard Law School, from which he graduated, respectively, in 1993 and 1996.

After a few years of private practice in some of the most prestigious law firms in the country, David became a Deputy City Attorney for the City and County of San Francisco. As a Deputy City Attorney, David handled a variety of important legal matters and cases.  Prior to his election as Supervisor, David served as General Counsel to the San Francisco Unified School District and as a member of the San Francisco Police Commission. Since 2004, David has been an elected member of the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee.

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